Eternity for Men 
Calvin Klein (1989)

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Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

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Still popular today, this fresh fougere fragrance inspired many wannabe's.

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Reviews of Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

There are 175 reviews of Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein.

Calvin Klein’s Cool Water clone.

Fruity and piquant; I can smell Bleu and Sauvage waiting in the wings.

Solidly pleasant. This deserves more thumbs up. Slightly green, slightly clean, and can be had at an amazingly low price point. It falls nicely within the barbershop category, and that most definitely is in my wheelhouse. While performance is only average, just bring a decant with you for refreshing.

1990s nostalgia in a bottle. Calvin Klein Eternity for Men is a fresh, citrusy, aromatic fragrance that is great for daytime, warm weather use and is suitable for for work, school, college, general daytime wear, out with friends etc. So it's reasonably versatile. The scent has been around for awhile but even after 30 years is still an acceptable fresh fragrance. Eternity for Men opens with citrus notes. The dry-down brings out some floral and fruity notes with a hint of woodiness underpinned by a warm musk. A nice green, fresh fragrance with a moderate performance, lasts about 4 hours on my skin and gives arm length projection. Perhaps it is the nostalgic effect but Eternity for Men gives me a vibe of unperturbed confidence while also conveying some carefree abandon. A classic that I'm glad to have in my collection.

I encountered and owned CK Obsession back in the day but didn't encounter CK Eternity very much and couldn't remember exactly what it smelled like. Having purchased a small gift set with this and Eternity Aqua I have been using as an afternoon travel refresher on occasion.

Every aspect of this fragrance is fresh, bright and clean. The mandarin, lavender and sage in particular give this a light boisterous top into the mid and for me that is really all this fragrance has to give. Safe and inoffensive, light and clean. Good for office and gym use. I consider Eternity a progenitor of the genre and to me these types of fresher scents don't really become dated. I realize this led to decades of derivatives both from this house and others yet Eternity deserves credit for being what it was. I enjoy having Eternity for the occasional reach and like the scent. I respect it's place in the history of perfumery and for that It absolutely deserves thumbs up even though it's progeny of imitators might not.

I'm showing my age, but I wore this back in cologne when it was new, a high school graduation gift from my cousin. It's weird smelling it again now as a perfume snob - I'm having thoughts...

#1. This was SOOOO ahead of its time, like basically the grandfather of the unremarkable fruity aquatic. It's crazy how modern this smells for a 33 year old perfume and how many thousands of copies (and even genres) this has inspired.

#2. But yeah, it's a pretty bad fruity aquatic. Fake melon over salty ambrox devolving into synthetic lavender and metallic chlorine fumes. The ambrox classes things up for a few minutes, but that chlorine "woody amber" drydown is pretty much everything I hate now.

#3. Even though this is responsible for pretty much everything I hate in mass-market men's perfumery, and even though I think it smells bad, I just can't bring myself to vote full-on thumbs down for the true OG, so I'm giving this extra credit for originality and bumping it up to a Neutral rating...

I want to say that this smells like every other inoffensive department store "clean" scent, all designed to imitate the shampoos, soaps, and floor cleaners we associate with the feeling of being clean.

But then I remember this scent is actually from the 1980s, the era of powerhouse fragrances designed to cut through the cigarette and body odours of the era, and I realize this is not imitating other fragrances: other fragrances imitate Eternity.

Like Davidoff's Cool Water, this scent helped to launch an entire genre of fragrance that was prevalent in the 1990s and 2010s, until the niche and oud trends, along with widespread bands on smoking, reduced interest in "clean" scents.

So historically, it's important. And Calvin Klein scents in general are very important, since they are conceptually very strong and tend to be mass market trendsetters, even if they do use cheaper ingredients that lends them a chemically feel. And for sure, you could wear it today. But there are better scents in the genre, so unless you are into nostalgia or get a great deal on it, I wouldn't be in a hurry to add it to your collection.

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