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Eternity by Calvin Klein

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Eternity was inspired Calvin's marriage to Kelly Rector. Calvin gave Kelly a beautiful antique ring inscribed with the word, 'eternity'.
Eternity is a floral scent.

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Reviews of Eternity by Calvin Klein

There are 52 reviews of Eternity by Calvin Klein.

If we believe the backstory – that Calvin Klein gave a ring to his wife inscribed Eternity, and this inspired the perfume, then it’s safe to assume that la Grojsman was given the brief ‘Do one of your Hug Me thingies, and make it last forever’ (or something to that effect). She did that alright but what Eternity gives in longevity, it takes away in legibility.

It feels compressed, like her soft rose-violet formula has been stretched out, becoming longer and narrower, and all the details squeezed together. There's also an aquatic feel that makes it more streamlined, but that doesn’t do much for it.

This was Grojsman’s sixth perfume and her first unpopular one on Basenotes. It gets 43% negative reviews (and 35% positive) and with certain exceptions, her ratings tend to go down from here on in.

If you want to smell the work of Sophia Grojsman there are better places to start, Paris being the obvious one (the perfume not the city) and once you’ve smelled a couple of the Hug Me scents you’ll realise there’s not that much between them.

Early on, I get an ashy note from the vintage parfum (which is full and in a pristine box, and made by Calvin Klein Cometics – not Coty) and in light of the fact that it doesn’t say anything new, except for a slight aquatic that's a wee bit scratchy, I'd say forget it.

Current formulation isn't terrible, but it was never an amazing composition to begin with, given Sophia Grojsman's CV.

For some reason I can't help but smell hotdogs when I smell this...probably a weird association in my head. Anyway, gross, but still worth a Neutral rating because of its success and influence. I'll need to keep my eye out for an older bottle to see if it's better than I remember.

Edit - got an old parfum mini. Still smells like hotdogs. I know there are flowers back there somewhere, but I can't. Ew. Don't care if its success - thumbs down.

The opening note includes a mandarin part - giving lightness and freshness- and white florals - mainly muguet. This all is combined with a whiff of a green herbal element. Bright and pleasant.

Later on I get an ambery woodsiness that combines with a very soft and pale patchouli impression.

I get soft sillage, adequate projection and four hours of longevity on my skin.

A light daytime spring scent that starts in an agreeable fashion, but the drydown is very generic and not particularly enticing. 2.75/5.

Sophia Grojsman's classic fragrance, I can't tell if I love it b/c of its quality or b/c a girlfriend wore it 27 years ago. Maybe a bit of both. I love the crisp sharp citrus and the Grojsman artistry. One of my favorite women's fragrances.

An elderly woman came into the building I work in and I smelled this on her and had to ask her what it was. It is the most sheer fragrance but very powerful. Until I read the reviews here I loved it, but then I recognized each of the flaws spoken about: the soapiness, the cheap rose. But it's funny, I am quite a nose and didn't detect any of these before someone mentioned them. To me, it was a fresh white tulip or daffodil fragrance, so transparent and sparkling, but the only voice in the room at its high frequency. This could easily have slipped into the white musk Aquanet hairspray territory, but it didn't.

I do notice these elegant, sheer florals that only charming older women can get away with for some reason. Girls don't smell like flowers anymore, they smell like really the popular aromachemical of the season.

I recall smelling this everywhere when I was a teen, people bathed it in. Back then as much as I loved it, I'd never have bought it because everyone else was wearing it.

I recently bought a bottle after rediscovering a sample and still love this scent. Fresh, green floral, a hint of citrus and spice, a bit aquatic and ethereal.

I can't comment on any of the flankers, but the original is beautiful.

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