Eternal Oud 
Lattafa (2022)

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Eternal Oud by Lattafa

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Eternal Oud is a shared scent launched in 2022 by Lattafa

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Reviews of Eternal Oud by Lattafa

There are 2 reviews of Eternal Oud by Lattafa.

Lattafa's creations are high quality for the price, timeless and make almost anyone feel sophisticated. What I mentioned in my previous reviews about the perfumes of this house. Eternal Oud is not a dominant oud scent, it is a syrupy amber, which is what I gravitate toward. It feels as though you're dripping in amber. However, that may not be the specific vibe you're looking for, and if that's the case, more power to you. It's completely safe, not particularly daring or dark, unchallenging, and has zero rough edges.

The dominant amber is smooth and creamy, providing a deep base note that anchors the scent. The masterfully blended vanilla adds a touch of sweetness through its lifespan, while the tonka and benzoin bring a rich, balsamic depth to the blend. The labdanum adds subtle musky earthiness and complexity to the fragrance that elevates the scent to a truly elegant level.

Finally there is admittedly something sort of bittersweet to the arrival of that oud since it means that a particular leg of the fragrance journey has come to a close. While predominantly a nighttime fragrance, this would also work well on cold, rainy or snowy days. Anytime it's a perfect "inside" day and you just want to feel warm and cozy.

A deep and ambery/resinous fragrance rounded out with sweet vanilla and Tonka. I can smell the plum, and a hint of the bitter grapefruit, but I do not get any heliotrope from this. I think the oud note is adding a Smokey quality, but it does not smell dirty at all.

I perceive this as a masculine leaning unisex fragrance. But not so masculine that I’m hesitant to wear it. It also comes off to me as a special occasion fragrance, it has an elegance to it that makes it feel fitting for events with a dress code, and especially well suited for evening. It does not smell seductive or flirty, but definitely an attractive scent.

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