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My friend and I thought that this fragrance smells like bath soap...something like FAB....however still smell nice though
29th April 2008
A nice fresh scent that's not offensive. It's more of a high school type cologne... Not a very unigue scent, just clean. Overall a nice everyday Spring/Summer scent or after workouts.
22nd April 2008

I had some compliments on this the few times I wore it before it was returned. I was not crazy about it myself. There was nothing obtrusive about it, but nothing special. After the second wear something about the scent annoyed me and gave me a slight headache. The "time release technology" did not work on me and the scent faded quickly. I thought about keeping it as a cologne to wear to the gym, but decided something cheaper would fill that void.
18th January 2008
White bread indeed. Why spend the extra $ for this one when so many good drugstore frags still abound?Granted, there's nothing offensive here. Come to think of it, there is no here here. Just some pseudo-scientific drivel about "time release technology."I've got your "time release technology" right here, Lacoste.
10th January 2008
A truly adorable scent I will have to disagree with the majority and strongly reccomend this fragrance. It has a long lasting summery scent that is ideal for any occasion
8th January 2008
Great. Fresh, right amount of sweetness, not overbearing and has great sillage and does last. I have no complaints and this typifies what I imagine Lacoste want to be known for. Better smelling with more depth than many fresh or green fragrances and I'd gladly add to my collection.
22nd December 2007
This was my signature scent for quite some time. Its very fresh, clean and green - which i love. Lasts for a very long time on my skin. Its a scent you can wear every day since its not very offensive and clean. Absolutely love it. I tend to like to match my clothes with this one. :P Usually with a green polo or something... its just screams green for some reason. Its not exactly original, but its energetic, and care free. Love it."great for everday wear"
15th December 2007
I find that the tomato leaf is out of place here. It clashes with the otherwise clean character of the scent and feels rather discordant. And because of the “Time Release Technology”, I get tomato leaf all day. I do not recommend this one.
2nd December 2007
great note is light tropical citrusheart note is spice and flower aromabase note is very faint woody smellThis is a very lightly smelling cologne. I love the citrus and the herby smell to it. This cologne could be better by having a stronger base note, but well done lacoste. This is a casual scent meant for all ages.
2nd December 2007
While Lacoste Essential is not as bad as these reviews are making it out to be, it's certainly not a Holy Grail scent, either. I'm not sure what users were expecting from lacoste (a company known for innocuous and fairly pleasant sportswear), but this scent as well is fairly pleasant and innocuous. Like a polo shirt with that little alligator on it, it is guaranteed not to raise eyebrows at a barbecue(but also guaranteed not to keep you lingering in anybody's memory). I didn't expect Frederic Malle from this, so I wasn't disappointed.It is much like a lot of the fresh, green scents on the market today and seems to me to take a card from Creed's Green Valley in much the same way that half a dozen scents take a card from Green Irish Tweed; similar notes, but without the distinction. Good for times when you don't need to stand out or when you aren't sure what else to wear. I was given mine as a gift and will use it from time to time; I certainly wouldn't have purchased it myself.
6th August 2007
I like to fine with, say, shorts and a t-shirt. I would never wear to work or in the evening.
4th July 2007
I love the whole 'patented time release technology' Lacoste 'used' in this fragrance. They're basically saying how how this fragrance is linear.Longetivity i rather good! BUT not on me. I have good skin...MOSTLY everything smells good on me and lasts long..just not this one!It has a NICE smell, but nothing strikes me here. Rather boring and flat. Damn the Patented Time Release Technology.
5th June 2007
Kind of a sporty green/citrus combo plate happening here. Not bad, not great, just eh.
2nd June 2007
This is truely terrible. I sprayed a little on my wrist at the drugstore: a disaster. I was expecting an 'easy' fresh fragrance, but this is really agressive stuff! The worst thing: it has a superb longevity. I can't recognize any note; my nose almost bleeds of this stuff.
23rd May 2007
Mmm, err, uhm, the notes seem nice enough, smell pleasant, but that's pretty much where it stops. Give it to your brother, he'll love it!
6th May 2007
It is Lemony and nearly smells like a womens perfume. Yet another member of the Tommy clan. Did you get into your mothers cosmetics?, they might ask.
3rd May 2007
Overall I am neutral on this fragrance. I have been wearing it now for about three weeks in a variety of settings. Sometimes it feels a bit too cliche of fragrance, too similar to others, like other Lacoste and Azzaro's Chrome. However, it is a very unobtrusive scent, with a lighter overall profile than some scents which makes it great for daytime, office, or anytime wear as another reviewer said, "you won't offend anyone with it." This would actually be a great cologne for a young man looking to step away from his friends who all wear Curve, Acqua Di Gio, D&G and wants to have a clean fresh smell that will have people asking him, "Hey, what is that you're wearing?"Pro's - Clean, fresh, none of the notes are very overpowering (though the tangerine is the most noticeable, at least to me), can be worn almost anywhereCon's - Fairly generic scent profile, only slightly different than other popular brand scents, no real "WOW" factor, more expensive than it really should beRating - 3/5Collection - Keeping itRotation - Infrequent, but will be usedRecommended for - anyone who wants a clean, fresh scent that isn't likely to offend anyone around you
3rd May 2007
Essential Green Lacoste = somewhat masculine, citrucy/floral fragI like it b/c it is fresh, but it was ran by tangerine. Much better than Cerruti Image, not nearly as manly and bold as Tuscani by Aramis.Could see where this frag could get old quickly even if you like the scent. There is not much in the way of development, but the stay is pretty good for a citrucy frag. Sillage was good.If anybody really loves Essential and thinks it is the bomb, try YSL Kourous _Fraicheur_ which has more dimension, is fresher and lasts longer. It is worth the premium price (it was discontinued) :(Overall, Essential is not a bad frag and is a safe buy.
11th March 2007
My "ol' reliable". Fresh, clean and a little sweet, something I can wear day in day out without getting too bored. Because of this it's my everyday office scent and it's perfect because it's completely inoffensive. Quite sporty, very much suited for daytime wear and it has good longevity.
14th December 2006
The worst fragrance from Lacoste...Starts lemony, a bit annoying and then exudes some floral notes that didn't suit me well... After one hour or so, It becames a bit powdery.It's a (bad crafted) cliché.
13th November 2006
Sweet as Lacoste PH AND Cool Play but contains more fun.Sporty and fruity.A good choice for the young boys.Like other Lacoste scents,lasts only for a couple of minutes.Worths a try
7th October 2006
Well! I must say I didn't like the first time I tried it at a shop. Too much grapefruit. I am always wary of fruity fragrances - fresh at first, but soon turning into a rotten syrup and a long lasting headache. But then I received it as a gift, applied a couple of sprays and liked the initial freshness. Went to bed and the first thing I noticed in the morning was a nice clean fresh smell that made me smile. (I don't often wake up smiling on a week day). I agree it's not a landmark fragrance, I probably wont buy another bottle but It's definitely enjoyable while I have it. And it lasts quite long on my skin.
18th August 2006
Unessential.God, I grew tired of this one so quickly! Fruity with a rose heart note. Big freakin' deal. So boring I began to have nightmares where I dreamt that John Varvatos was a bold, original, masterpiece and Platinum Egoiste was much too subtle, refined and elegant. Man, that was scary!Well, I promise you that you won't offend anyone. Perfect for a nice day at the office, or a nice walk in the park with your dog, or perhaps a nice round of golf with some pot-bellied buddies.I don't think I really care for this one.It's not awful, just whitebread bland. Pass the mayo, and order the de-caf.
25th July 2006
This is a complete waste of money, it stays fresh for around 1 hour then disappears. To light and not long lasting even with the new molecular technology Lacoste have developed in it.
11th June 2006