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Lacoste's Essential is in essence, UNPRETENTIOUS. And that's what I like most about it.
20th August 2009
I bought this while I was shopping with a female friend of mine. I liked the scent and she told me it really got her too. But in a very short time I got totally bored of this and the bottle is still 70% full. I very rarely wear this. It just doesn't feel interesting anymore. No character whatsoever.
9th August 2009

This is yet another product that has virtually nothing to commend it beyond the top notes. A moderately pleasing, fruit laden opening is all you will get for your money, the remainder of Essential is anything but. As I pound on the door, desperately looking for the heart and base notes, Essential hides behind the sofa pretending to be out. This kind of fragrance is irritating, a waste of time and money.
29th July 2009
I really love this. It is perfect for the summertime, it makes me want to go out and enjoy the day. I think this is very woodsy and crisp on me. It lasts quite awhile on me and I enjoy it immensely.
10th June 2009
I'm going to judge this for what it is. A great scent for a summer day, on the gold course, walk in the park. I wouldn't be ashamed to wear for a casual night out either. Think spring and new beginings!
5th June 2009
17th April 2009
everything is weak. every single note. this scent is supposed to be a skin scent and lasts all day but is the opposite. the base notes are not there all you get is an ok green/fresh scent that is overpriced. i have the joy of owning the 4.2 oz bottle. lucky me!!!!!!!!
24th March 2009
10th February 2009
Harmless and eventually utterly boring aromatic citrus scent. I like the opening notes but it soon turns into this very generic, very boring and completely lame blend of woods and citrus with leafy-green accent. It doesn`t excite me at all, to say the least.This is one useless scent without a hint of edge or character to it.
3rd February 2009
It's not even there. Are you kidding me? It's like smelling tap water. What does that smell like?
1st February 2009
A man puts on degree deoderant....Hahah. Thats all I got.
27th January 2009
Essential is just nice casual everyday scent. It is a fresh water/green smell.It does have a fragrance body activated technology. As your body heat rises the fragrance intensifies. Great spring and summer scent!!
4th January 2009
Green, sporty, fresh, and paradoxically - a hint of stale beer. I like it.
24th December 2008
The best clean, summer scent I've ever tried. My skin can make certain scents smell really funky, but Essential leaves me smelling sparkling clean and refreshed. My only complaint is it fades too quickly, but after the gym it does seem to recharge itself. I plan on buying a second smaller bottle for a quick midday spray. This will be my go to daily scent for a long time.
9th December 2008
Okay, so I applied this to my skin, sniffed it, and the smell didn't even travel from my nose to register in my brain because it is sooooo generically, synthetically, boringly ordinary that my transfer nerves fell asleep. Okay, I'll spray again and this time I'll pay attention… Pay atten…… Yawn… ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…………..
17th October 2008
it's nothing special but IT IS SPORT FRAGRANCE!!!! it should be nice, freash and inofensive. when you are practising sport you are totaly sweat, exhausted, your senses are very sensitive. then you relised that almost everyone fragrance disturbing you!!! with essential is different coz it's very light!!!!! it's totaly sport fragrance!!!!!!
16th October 2008
O.K. I went and bought this cologne and at first sniff at the store it was O.K. and I thought it would be a perfect spring daytime cologne to add to my collection. The smell is inoffensive and clean, almost reminds me of something green like or just getting out of that shower feel in the morning. This cologne is aimed toward teens and up age and is appropriate for daytime.The cologne itself has the right blend of spicy and sweet with a nice light touch. This cologne is very well balanced but I find that there are too many colognes of this kind nowadays but nonetheless is still one of my favorites.
13th October 2008
I don't really care for it. For starters I had to apply about 5 sprays before I could even begin to small it, usually with something like Vera Wang, I notice it in a couple of squirts. The top notes are certainly very fresh and clean, and the drys down to something quite nice.. but for some reason I can't get my head around this scent, I think as others have mentioned, it kinda smells like soap.
6th October 2008
Indeed smells of an androgenous soap... reminds me of a rosy lotion. Something I can definitely do without!
30th September 2008
This is another inoffensive fresh scent that like so many of its brethren fails to leave any lasting mark. There is nothing about this Lacoste creation that is bad per se; it smells fresh, crisp and nice enough. But there is also nothing really that good about it either, and certainly nothing about this makes it essential to one's wardrobe. The citrus topnotes blend with something green and slightly herbaceous before fading away to leave a lightly spiced floral heart. This soon fades into a base of patchouli and sandalwood. The longevity of Essential is about 3 hours and it has a decent projection.
20th September 2008
this stuff is waaaaayyyyy to sweet
19th June 2008
This was my first fragrance purchase at the department store where I work. We had a brief love affair...which resulted in my demoting it to bathroom air-freshener, and it met with an untimely demise in said bathroom's trashcan after I'd used less than a quarter of the bottle. Didn't last...and once I was educated about "body chemistry" and "notes"...I felt no remorse about chunking this one.
14th June 2008
Smells like a light version of CK Escape with more citrus and less grapefruit. Personally I prefer Escape's intensity. Nothing earth-shattering here, though it's a pleasant variation of an older classic that might suit your taste better than mine.
10th June 2008
Yet another "sporty" fragrance that I liked at first but realized that there are so many better fresh fragrances out there than this. Inaptly named.
31st May 2008