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I just got this bottle since i felt the sanple they gave me was so good. It smells very pleasant and light but very fresh too. I really love this scent and so does everyone else i know. I will be buying this fragrance multiple times in the coming years.
18th June 2012
This was my first fragrance. It is something that is great for summer, especially if you are still in high school or college. It's very fruity and you get wiffs of the fragrance throughout the day. It is relatively linear (the scent doesn't change much) and somewhat synthetic smelling. That said, it's a great inexpensive fragrance that smells mainstream but somewhat unique.
8th May 2012

Another green, acuatic and BORING fragance from Lacoste.
Lasts about 4-5 hours on my skin (is not bad) and projection is average.
30th March 2012
A rather pleasant floral/citrus fragrance, with a slight aquatic touch. Different than your typical AdG mockeries; no melons here.

Essential opens up with a fantastic noticeable tangerine note, which immediately reminds me of Clinique Happy. After about 20 minutes or so, the tangerine dies down, a tangy-ness from the tomato leaf and pepper come out in the middle, as well as some florals, and a hidden calone note in the background. Base notes emphasize on the woods for the most part, soft, and slightly floral to the end.

Longevity for me is about 6 hours, with it sitting very close to the skin in the last 3 hours. I would say this is a more in depth take on Happy for Men. Take Happy, mix it with a little bit of Bvlgari Aqva, and voila! Lacoste Essential, is a more enjoyable Summer scent. Light and refreshing, yet has its own character.
27th October 2011
I tried this out after all the reviews. It smelled very fresh, clean and grassy on the test strip but smelled very acrid as the tomato leaf accord was way over-pronounced. Perhaps it just doesn't work well on my skin...
6th August 2011
I felt the urge to join Basenotes just so I could comment on how horrible this sent is. There are several YouTube personalities that recommend this scent…. Let me save you some money… This fragrance is like running your fingers across a blackboard….except the shrill noise (smell) is in your nose….. Horrible, Horrible scent… Use your money for Allure Sport instead
20th June 2011
A good blend of green and citrus. A great summer fragrance. It says the top notes quickly disappear and then reappear with "Time Released Technology" It doesnt have the greatest longevity or projection but its not horrible. The tomato in it can definitely be detected and overpower some of the other notes. Ends with a little woodier vibe. All in all, I enjoy it quite a bit.
31st May 2011

Lacoste Essential is a good, casual, Spring and Summer day-time fragrance. For the average guy, this will do the trick without leaving any negative impressions or having him smell like everyone else out there. At the same time, it fits right into the mainstream.

The top notes are fruity and slightly sweet. The pepper and woods in the background become more apparent after a couple hours as the scent settles down and help add a little depth. However, I would not classify this as a woody or spicy scent, instead it is fruity, with a transparent aura and an aquatic edge.

It has a nice smell. While synthetic, it is well done and never obnoxious or cloying. It's lightness and transparency keep it pleasant at all times. The scent does not change much over time, the fruitiness eventually dies down and transitions to a smooth, though typical, woody base that remains close to the skin.

Essential is perfect for warmer days when you just want to smell fresh and nice and aren't trying to make a statement or stand out. But people will notice it and enjoy it. It' can be used at the gym, for a casual date, the office, or for just hanging out with your friends.

It's also a great 'first' cologne for younger looking to buy something.

It's apropriate for all ages, especially the 30 and under crowd. Relatively inexpensive and easy to find, I would choose this over other popular fresh frags like Versace Eau Fraiche, D&G Light Blue, or CK One. Overall it's much smoother--no sharp edges or unpleasing synthetic qualities.

Longevity is good, 4 to 8 hours depending on the weather and where you apply it.

Projection is slight, though evident.

Fairly versatile with exception to nights out and formal events.

Overall rating 7.5/10

14th May 2011
ripoff of chrome, which smells terrible already
4th May 2011
To be your cash for a scent you will treasure.
17th February 2011
Understated to the point of seeming absent after 30 minutes, and that´s being generous. A cologne for beginners, perfect for the younger male looking for an inoffensive signature scent that is reasonably priced and less synthetic than Curve. Still, nothing to call home about but it does offer value and you can find it with very generous free gifts in any department store.
1st February 2011
I love this fragrance.
It is fresh, woody, and almost bitter/dry all at the same time.
This is my FAVOURITE spring/summer scent!
16th January 2011
HAH! What a wimpy excuse for a scent!
Tomato leaf? Give me a break! Try Eau de Campagne by Sisley, or even the wispy CB I Hate Perfume "Memory of Kindness" for some of the real tomato leaf scent.
What is this? A lemon-orange lifesaver, with a feeble ozone dry-down.
The only thing green here is the packaging.
2nd January 2011
Ok, let me first say, please do not be scared to try this for the neutral rating.
That being said, I prefer 212 Men by Carolina Herrera over this. This is along the same line, fresh clean cut grass with a hint of citrus. The real problem is that it gets lost after 3 or so hours. Although, Lacoste claims a new technology that will re-project the fragrance if we start to sweat or our body gets warm/hot due to physical activity. So, you can't wear this in offices because it dies fast. I own a bottle of this, this is not offensive at all, even if you apply 4-5 sprays, so I use it in the summer evenings or during workout.
To me, a $60 cologne for workout or just evening use is expensive. If you plan to buy this, please try both 212 Men (original) and this. Your taste might differ than mine.
26th December 2010
In the very first moment I thought this could be the fresh scent I was looking for, different and somehow elegant, matching perfectly with the ad. But quickly one thing overpowered my senses to the point of disturbance, which I figured out to be the tomatoes leaves.When I read the review by ANK212 I just thought: that's it!Unfortunately.
21st September 2010
Lacoste Essential it's ESSENTIAL I just like it a lot this stuff is really good!It's a mix of fresh, woody and sweet smell wich is awesomeThe first hour or so it's fresh but not very manly!But then when the middle and base notes appears it's manly but fresh and woodyI think it could be a signature scent!really Great i love it! I get like 4-5 hours with this one it's not very bad!Compliments just a little because it don't proyect like crazy But i get compliments from my girlfriend she loves it But you'll get complitments most in the hot days!!!
11th August 2010
Plain and simple, this is a great scent. I think the best adjective to describe this is Energetic. Absolutely perfect for spring and fall. Good for summer but a little sweet for extreme heat in my opinion.Can't go wrong with Essential. I always find myself reaching for it when I can't decide what to wear. Perfect jeans and t-shirt type of fragrance.
29th July 2010
First sniff of the tester was very floral, very heavy - did not set a good tone - and very intense. A second sniff brought up the herbal tones - very well expressed as Tomato leaves, which did not seem to go away....if anything it seemed to get stronger. There was no middle that I could detect, as the Tomato leaves scent was so overpowering of anything else they may have been hiding in the background. About 45 minutes - 1 hour later, everything settled down and I could pick-up a lot of the woody notes. In fact, I even caught some hints of similarity to Davidoff's Cool Water?!? I sniffed the tester again today, and got that floral wiff....into the garbage it went!
1st July 2010
Lacoste Essential is GREAT for summer and spring!3 words: GREEN, *SPORTY*, FRESHDefinately inoffensive, will not intoxicate or bother you in any way, makes you feel like your extra clean.I get a SPICY/SWEET vibe as well.It opens very sweet & citrusy, dries down to a woody base with lingering citrus. Tangerine is the dominant note in this fragrance.Longevity (my skin)- 4-6 Hours which is awesome for a summer fragrance.Sillage/Projection - Moderate: Will get you noticed.Definately an EVERYDAY SUMMER SCENT, i would recommend this for hanging out with friends, SCHOOL, parties, daytime use, movie theatre on a hot summer night, a date on a hot summer night. Negativity against this fragrance usually comes from older gentlemen. Obviously this is aimed at the younger crowd The fragrance definately matches the "sporty vibe" that Lacoste tries to do with their clothes. Short sleeve Lacoste Polo, baggy Lacoste shorts, white SHOES, would be the perfect attire.8.5/10 - Downside? Longevity & Projection could be better, may be too sweet.Overall awesome summer frag on my top 5 (SUMMER) as of now!
9th March 2010
the alligator juice is SUCH a classic this stuff has some great notes in it and is VERY wearable and nice smelling i strongly reccomend it the citruses and aromatic notes really give it a laid back and sexy feel, while the patchouli and woodsy notes are enough to increase the sensual aspects of this scent
24th February 2010
Is VERY fresh, smells like a fresh cut lawn. Lasts for a good 6 hours. Projects well but doesn't get a whole lot of compliments. I haven't really found a fragrance quite like it so it is unique and a good addition for summertime. Nothing spectacular thou.
19th February 2010
I bought a 50$ bottle, and have yet to use any of it. i have 15 different bottles, but i am leaning toward this one to use. i hate to say it again like everyone else, but this is probably the cleanest and freshest fragrance on the market. Its not too dry powdery, or peppery, or too dark. just a great scent for the average teenager or working out, the drydown is a little woodier but i can live with that. i have never smelled a cologne like it which is why i like it, not overbearing by any means.
31st January 2010
It's very fresh, it's very clean, and I end up smelling like grass clippings and generic "sport scent" aftershave about an hour in. Mild and inoffensive, perfect for office wear. I use it as a room freshener in the summer months now.
2nd November 2009
I really tried to like it, but whenever i wore it, it felt like someone's cooking gone bad. I smelled green apples and cardamom which is ok and nice on its own, and then comes the Tomato leaf monster which overpowers all the other elements giving it a very bitter accord. It is green in nature and hints at being sporty but cant seem to make up it mind in which direction to go. The fragrance lasts quite well on my skin but thats the downside who wants to smell like a tomato garden.
30th October 2009