Essential fragrance notes

  • Head

    • tangerine, bergamot, tomato leaf, blackcurrant
  • Heart

    • black pepper, rose
  • Base

    • patchouli, sandalwood, woods

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Latest Reviews of Essential

On opening I get tomato leaf and initially a non-descript citrus that quickly reveals to be orange. A moderately sweet and soft orange fused with mild amounts of rose and sandalwood. The tomato leaf note is pleasant as it merges with the black pepper in delivering bitterness. Soapy? very light in my opinion and smells more like a body wash gel.

I'm going to give Essential by Lacoste a thumbs up. It's long lasting but expect subtle projection like any sport fragrance. This one doesn't smell like it was developed in year 2005 but rather more influenced with how sport fragrances in the 1980's were designed.
24th March 2023
The ratings here are interesting. Quite a few, and basically split between yes, no, maybe. The scent is a bit of a contradiction, in that it doesn’t really smell like anything else and yet you could say there are better choices for what this does. Ok.

I’m gonna say yes here. It’s original (odd green freshie, with tomato leaf and a creamy sweetness) and pleasant. Especially now, in this overly blue, bumble gummy ambroxan bomb era.

Sophisticated fragheads and big time collectors are gonna pass on this and that’s fine. For enthusiasts, this is a safe blind buy - its cheap! - but if you have a large collection, this could get lost in it, and you may prefer to spend your money elsewhere.

But for an easy reach, spring and summer refresher or unique gym scent - especially for a younger man or teenager - this will serve well.

Best in short bursts (as longevity is lacking) and when you don’t want to sledgehammer anybody with your scent (light sillage and projection). Safe for gym, school, work, the pool, tennis, walks in the park, first dates, etc. it’s versatile and inoffensive.

Recommended, albeit with caveats and restraint.
4th February 2022

I sometimes get rude service when I wear this perfume.

Lasts around 3 to 4 hours.

A few females are attracted. Very few so this is not worth the asking price even if I didn't get bad service.
18th July 2021
Essential - Lacoste
Not essential in any kind of way.
10th July 2019
Starts off with a pleasant mix of bergamot, cassia leaf (which smells very green), tangerine, and tomato leaf. It's a quite pleasant opening but oddly reminds me a lot of some sort of bath body wash or soap I've used in the past. The tomato leaf makes it unique-smelling in the world of fresh fragrances, and it has a sweet undertone to it all rather than sharp citrus as is usual for fresh fragrances. I think a lot of people would enjoy the sweetness, but personally I am not a huge fan. It's a unisex fragrance in my opinion due to the sweetness: women can easily wear this. On drydown I get a lot of rose scent mixing with the tomato leaf, and it becomes even sweeter. The rose is very prominent. Basenotes are much the same but with cedarwood. Sillage is weak-to-moderate and longevity is strong but as a skin scent. Overall it's an ok fragrance but is too feminine due to the sweetness and far too casual for my liking.
4th March 2018
Green and soapy clean but it's the kind of scent that you can find in many mass-market soaps or detergents. The drydown is bland and synthetic.

Probably best for summer/daytime/casual.

15th January 2018
This is an extremely "zesty" juice to my nose that works perfectly in the spring and summer. Geared towards a younger demo IMO. Would be good as a weekend or casual scent. Nothing overbearing to my nose and will last about 3 or 4 hours on the skin. For the price it's ok to blind buy but if you are looking for something a little longer lasting try Frapin Passion Boisee. The Frapin in more expensive but overall better done.
22nd May 2017
Light, crisp citrus with a slight funk. Pretty inoffensive. Kind of an immature fragrance, I feel too old to wear it and I'm only 25. Good fragrance none the less.
27th April 2017
It's a nice and fresh smell, girlfriend loves it so that's a winner. Unfortunately, on my skin, longevity is horrible. Either that, or olfactory fatigue sets in after just a few minutes. After 30 minutes or so, I feel like I'm not wearing anything, I can't even pick up hint that I'm wearing this. On the contrary, when I spray a towel in the guest bathroom, and I come back in the evening, the scent is still good - and it can even be picked up the next morning. So maybe it's just my skin, I don't know.

I would only buy this if it was a good deal, but then it's definitely worth as a casual work/office-fragrance.
29th August 2016
Lacoste Essential is a casual fragrance. It works and does what it is supposed to do. I like lighter fragrances such as this one. Many of the evening/night out colognes give me a headache and sometimes nausea. I am thankful for these summer and daytime colognes. They have their place in the fragrance world.

Thank you,

20th August 2016
Very fresh. Very green. Smells young and invigorating. Too much can make it smell too synthetic though let it dry.
18th September 2015
This fragrance is the definition of casual. You will smell fresh, clean, like out of the shower, but you won't leave any impressions.

The tomato leaf is what separates this scent from the mayority of fresh scents. normaly this type of scents are more citrusy, but this one has a sweet undertone (not a strong sweet though) that kinda makes it different in its own way.

Perfect for a walk outside or staying at home on a spring/summer day.

13th September 2015