Essences Insensées fragrance notes

  • Head

    • violet, pink pepper
  • Heart

    • heliotrope, provence rose, mimosa
  • Base

    • vanilla, mate, beeswax

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An awkward mix of cheap, marshmallowy vanilla with tea and pollen-laden florals. I've spent quite some time trying to pick this apart (oh, that's pink pepper!), but it's time for me to give up and just say that I don't like it.

To be fair, hours in, this somehow ends up as a fairly nice, if oversweetened, mimosa scent.

But even so, I feel like there's a clever idea in here, but it's getting lost in the shuffle. I appreciate the way the pepper makes the flowers smell gritty instead of just pretty, and the mimosa is pretty, but once you add in the marshmallow, it's just too much.
26th May 2021
A floral take, opening with a pleasant violet on a slightly heliotropic background. Pleasant, with a touch of airy elegance, and quite restrained.

The drydown adds a slightly fresh herbal touch, but a rose note arrives soon, accompanied by a mimosa impression. The latter gains in prominence, and soon the mimosa is at the centre of attention; it is the most convincing ingredient on my skin

Vanilla is the main addition to the base. An unobtrusive vanilla, which is, like this composition as a whole, never very sweet or cloying. The beeswax is present in the background.

I get soft sillage, adequate projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

Whilst this spring scent is agreeable overall, from the heart notes on it is quite flat and anaemic, a bit too generic at times, and in the base too close to my skin. 2.75/5.
30th August 2017

Sweet, floral, powdery. Spring-like, feminine market. The violet adds an interesting note to the sweeter flowers. There is a note sometimes like rubber, other times like freshly-cut grass. At times a vaguely metallic note. Not my style, but it is OK.
19th February 2017
Weird sweet, powdery, woody mimosa scent, with the usual high-too high, to my sensitive nose- dose of aromachemical typical of most Diptyque fragrances. This one certainly has some graceful and pleasant aspects- mimosa with its powder, wet cardbord, paper glue and green facets, a most appealing candied, creamy vanilla note that makes its way through the nose with a curious delayed effect, nice light spices- but a screechy, synthetic feel keeps hovering on the entire development of the fragrance, ruining much of the grace and balance.
A fragrance that mimosa lovers should try, anyway.
2nd January 2015
I am new to this site, so won't be as eloquent as some. I bought this "blind" as it listed heliotrope and mimosa as notes. It's not like the heliotrope scents I was thinking of. It's not like anything I've had before but I like it. Perhaps of those listed beeswax is the note that lingers, though my 11yr old son says he could smell vanilla. It isn't long lasting on skin though perhaps more so on clothes. Overall lovely and different.
28th December 2014
With the elegantly retro atomizer, you will go through this juice rather sparingly. Being a limited edition in a vintage 19th c. design bottle, this is a special occasion fragrance. It's light for an EDP, but mostly natural from the mille fleurs harvest from Grasse.

The scent itself is a perfect new mown hay, but powdery and damp enough for the late winter and early spring, the traditional bloom times for mimosa and violet, first on the calendar for florals. A little rose de mai adds sweetness with honey absolute, balanced against the astringency of yerba matte and its green tea nuances. This facet of it reminds me of JCE's Bvlgari Pafumee au The Verte, an old favorite. But the mimosa, violet and heliotrope give it a powdery halo.

25th December 2014