Essence Musk fragrance notes

  • Head

    • white grapefruit, marine notes, bergamot, mandarin leaf
  • Heart

    • mint, watermelon, lavender, nutmeg
  • Base

    • white musk, amber, bourbon vetiver

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Clean, light, and fruity opening. Reminds me of the scent of nice hair products. As it dries down, the clean musk is still most prominent but a salty, light cedarwood starts to show up in the middle. That light, airy cedar stays to the end, suggesting a possible dose of ISO-E Super.

I'm actually surprised at how pleasing Essence Musk turns out to be, overall. It's a good day scent and feels very versatile, unisex even.

Projection is fine but nothing impressive and goes for 2-3 hours. After that, the skin scent lasts for most of the day.
6th March 2021
Suprisingly competant

Laundry musks. White bitter citric melange. Clean, with a bitter quality. Doesnt smell harsh or overly synthetic.

Im going with a thumbs up here. As a cheap car fragrance this may be the best one ive tried so far. The Essence line from from Ferarri is a cheapie hunter gold mine.
17th December 2020

The Ferrari Essence line continues to impress me with their releases which have proven to be somewhat unique, quality fragrances. Essence Musk is no different, a sort of sparkly white/silver fragrance with light fruity tones swirling within an exceptionally clean and clear variety of musk. The combination of mint, watermelon and the watery marine notes come together to leave behind this sparkling silver/white sheen very evocative of the bottle in which its housed. Essence Musk is ethereal in terms of its density, making it appropriate for warmer temperatures and times of the year. It's diffusive and light and can be applied generously. As is often the case with musk-centric fragrances, Essence can easily be dressed up or down, so while it's definitely not a formal style of scent, it can work that way if one wishes. Finally, the automobile theme is somehow tied into Essence for me as I get subtle notes of rubber and vinyl in the base. I don't know if this was intentional or just an odd coincidence resulting from a certain combination of base notes, but their presence is undeniable at least on my skin. Musk is not a particularly watery fragrance--I wouldn't classify it as an aquatic despite the watermelon and marine notes in the pyramid--its more of what's stated in its name, a musk fragrance with a sparkling, diffusive character. Overall it's a unique addition to my wardrobe and something I'm looking forward to wearing now that the weather is right. Thumbs up.

Side note: Musk's bottle is very well-done. A sturdy bottle painted in a beautiful pearl-white with silver accents. It looks great on the shelf.
13th August 2019
The name fits it perfectly. An distinctly musky masculine and bursts with energy and vitality. Ferrari fragrances extremely nice for it's price. Anothers popular aromatic scent with a dint of sportiness. The top notes is most enjoyable but the dry down exudes a rather generic muskiness that catches the last flickers of nutmeg and cedar. Simple, aromatic, casual, ethereal, refreshing, clean, citrusy, modern, delightful and super easy to wear.

The dominant marine and citrus accords in the top notes bring the boundless energy of the ocean to you. The heart notes of juicy watermelon and aromatic mint keep your spirits high for a long time while the dry down filled with musk and woody notes makes it a man's choice and a woman attractor. Not my cup of tea. A nice everyday type smell for spring and summer months. The price is very good for the big sized bottle.
25th July 2016
Ok, Ferrari Essence Musk is a mainstream fruity ozonic concoction with a first salty-fruity-minty stage close to dozens aquatics out there but the sharper dry down is mastered by this spicy and manly amber presence (supported by cool musky cedarwood) really piquant, bold and simil-organic. Extremely virile ozonic aroma absolutely not over chemical in perception. Watermelon, citrus and lavender are heady together with musk and synthetic spicy ambergris. Good performances in general. I get alikeness with many juices out there as for instance L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Oceanic Expedition or Bond N. 9 I love NY for Fathers (but in general with dozens of sporty Lacoste, Tacchini, Bvlgari, Armani, Adidas or stuffs like those) but Essence Musk is really one of the best in its genre (finally warmer, musky-spicy and refined). I detect a really "smart/fancy/greasy" aura around the wearer. In conclusion, a more than decent musky ozonic creation, cute bottle, not my cup of tea unfortunately.
7th July 2015