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Espionage by Ayala Moriel

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Espionage is a shared scent launched in 2002 by Ayala Moriel

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Reviews of Espionage by Ayala Moriel

There are 13 reviews of Espionage by Ayala Moriel.

Genre: Leather

I happen to enjoy single malt scotch, and from time to time I've looked for a fragrance that captured the rich, complex bouquet of my favorite spirits. Found it!

Espionage announces itself with a fanfare of burning peat and sea air iodine. Don't get me wrong - there's nothing "aquatic" about this. Espionage is pure Laphroaig or Lagavulan, an Islay malt with all its smoke and salt, and without any of the sherry notes you would expect from the more urbane Speyside whiskeys.

This smoky opening persists for quite some time on me, with a well-integrated leather emerging slowly over the course of the first hour. Then, like a fine scotch whisky, it settles down to a slightly sweeter, rounder base, with hints of musk and tobacco.

The olfactory resemblance to an Islay single malt is remarkable if it was intended, and altogether astounding if it wasn't! The only problem for me is now that I've found my scotch whisey scent, what do I do with it? I haven't yet figured out when I would actually wear something like this.

Note that because this is a parfum, it stays close to the skin, and courtesy of lovely natural ingredients, it disappears on me in four hours or less.
This is trivial, though, in the face of such a remarkable achievement!

Dark, mysterious, and deliciousCedar, leather and strong, smokey tobacco with some patchouli-like camphorous/creosote note, a bit of rose and some animalic muskiness. Dark, mysterious and delicious.Pros: High quality, long-lasting, and good projectionCons: Lush density can feel a bit heavy and smothering"

Definitely not a scent for the younger crowd. While I can recognize it is a quality fragrance I also know someone my age could never pull it off. I think this one is best for a guy in a suit that's in his forties or later. Not really sure why this is considered unisex either, I find it unabashedly masculine.

Thick and juicy smoke. A marvelous creation that could stand up to the best niche fragrance of this genre. This is more masculine than feminine. A leather trenchcoat with tobacco smoke smeared all over it. Classy.

A warm round leather scent that reminds me greatly of Knize Ten, only with a more approachable opening notes. The opening has those warm notes that are a green and sweet bergamot rose with leatheriness. The jasmine and orris brings in that earthy leather fragrance and the vanilla softens up the drydown for a sweeter mellow leather. A very masculine scent with a slight green smokiness that reminds me of pinon campfire smoke. The leather is always there. As with all leather scents it is very particular in its attitude - so test it first. But, it's a good one.

Wow...I am floored by a fragrance sample I just got from Ayala! Espionage! Instantly I was transported to a world of Redcoats and Indians....Picture the main tactical room for General Cornwallis....the smell of Gunpowder...the smell of a very potent Hickory log still smoldering after the morning respite....and plans to overthrow and conquer the treasonous americans...Imagine after his planning his tactics for the upcoming battle....his has some hot spicy teas mixed with Vanilla and a very potent Cinnamon stick.....The faint stench of men in sweaty uniforms all day long.....but very discreetly and every so elegantly masked and smoothed out...This thing smells like Musc Ravageur of drydown, but ALOT more potent and spicy on the drydown and HUGELY spicy on the base and middle notes...I love it Ayala! (can I have another sample please? ;-) seriously pretty please :-) I have used one dab of your sample and Im hooked and committed to buy! Just need the Money!)This Folks is the smell of masculinity and QUALITY that In have not smelled in anything BUT the best in the industry! Musc Ravageur meets boldness, spiciness and Espionage!

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