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Escentric 04 by Escentric Molecules

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Escentric 04 is a shared scent launched in 2017 by Escentric Molecules

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Reviews of Escentric 04 by Escentric Molecules

There are 4 reviews of Escentric 04 by Escentric Molecules.

When I sampled the Molecule line, Molecule-04 was the only one I could consistently smell and stood out as a pleasant, yet synthetic rendition of sandalwood. While I wasn't compelled to purchase any of the Molecule line, I was curious how Escentric-04 would compare and ordered a sample. I honestly was expecting to pass this off as another aroma-chemical gone wrong, but actually find Escentric-04 a compelling fragrance. The opening is a combination of tart citrus and wood notes. I don't experience the insect repellant as other reviews mention, but do understand the reference to citronella at the initial spray. The citrus top notes transition quickly adding rose, juniper and mastic notes to the middle. The rose and juniper are light and well blended, and the mastic creates a green floral tea accord, which is the most interesting phase. Javanol presents as sandalwood would, albeit in a green synthetic way. The dry down is still creamy and woody as you would get from real sandalwood. I got light to average projection and around 5 hours longevity. I advise sampling this house first. IMO the hype is greater than the fragrances, but Escentric 04 could be FBW. Thumbs Up

This is the last of three Escentric Molecule potions that I will test: Escentric 04 - Javanol.

First off...Javanol is the brand name of the chemical givaudan (C15H26O). Chemically, it is VERY similar to Iso E Super (C16H26O), fwiw.

Unlike 01 - Iso E Super and 02 - Ambroxan, 04 - Javanol has a more than discernible quality to it right out of the bottle. It starts out smelling like a fresh insect repellant, as found in citronella candles. Juniper note is fairly light but detectable, as is a synthetic version of grapefruit peel. Osmanthus lends a slight touch of typical fruity peachiness plus cashmeran smoothness. Rose does "bloom" and provide a nice floral support to gird this scent. Galbanum indeed adds its green bitter musk trait in touches in 04's heart.

And sandalwood is there, both from the Javanol itself and additional sandalwood; it comes across as ultra-raw, straight from the plant creaminess and bright woodiness. Escentric 04 is greater than skin scent in sillage, and it has a Commes des Garcons-like avant garde quality to it.

I can't seem to get past that insect repellant quality that doesn't fade away. Perhaps other folks would perceive it differently, depending on usual factors (e.g. state of my skin upon application, humidity, temperature, other environmental elements, mood and scent of others who smell it, etc. etc.). Escentric 04 - Javanol comes close to a potion that I could wear, but for that citronella thing.

On my skin this is a sour, unpleasant synthetic fruit. It remained quite linear and has decent longevity.

It reminds me of a cheap smelling supermarket fruity deodorant spray a teenage girl would wear (Impulse if you are in Australia).

Definitely give this a full wear before you consider purchasing.

Light, woody, masculine and a bit dirty with a cannabis note in the opening that only sticks around for the first few hours. It's actually very enjoyable and the come-and-go effect of the scent while wearing is fun while also reassuring that you're not going to offend anyone by over-spraying.

Projection is very good when you first come across it. Longevity is very good as well, lasts all day.

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