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Escentric Molecules (2010)

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Escentric 03 by Escentric Molecules

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Escentric 03 is a shared scent launched in 2010 by Escentric Molecules

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Reviews of Escentric 03 by Escentric Molecules

There are 5 reviews of Escentric 03 by Escentric Molecules.

Nothing like a heatwave to assess the quality/ies of a new fragrance, and july ´19 presented plenty of opportunities.
Whatever the weather, the ginger and lime give an opening that can‘t be ignored, especially the ginger, which here has a presence seldom encountered in a fragrance. If it remained that obvious for much longer, one could be forgiven for not taking E03 seriously. The green pepper makes a brief (very brief on hotter days) appearance, while the cedar/pencil shaving/sandalwood/synthetic (isoE?) starts to take over from the head notes very early, to totally replace them after about an hour.
After that, there's a very ...generic...phase to this story. A hint of tea does show up on cooler days, and helps keep things interesting. On hot days, the centerpiece just weakens and that‘s the whole story, show's over...
Under more normal temperatures, however, the cedar, etc., steps back, letting the tea morph into a green, grassy, almost cypress-like vetiver, the same that permeates the whole lifecycle of Encre Noire, accompanied by a warm, comforting musk. This is what I consider the payoff of E03, the reason why this is a positive review, and why this fragrance will probably intrigue me for a while. I can‘t wait to see how it behaves in the fall and winter. The opening and middle part certainly don‘t let you expect that finale.
I didn‘t get any of the jasmine and barely any leather, and I‘m not familiar enough with orris to judge its presence in this juice. But so far, I don‘t really miss them.
Except for the loud opening, sillage is medium to modest, ending real close to the skin. Longevity, too, is in the lower half, clocking in at 3-5hrs. Don‘t expect this to last all day, at least not in the summer.

A spicy, pleasant vetiver with that familiar ISO-E woody/cedar background. Not getting big citrus but there is a sour freshness to it that recalls the lime note listed.

This review was written with no prior knowledge of the alleged notes. Citrus, seems to be a very grapefruit sort of note. First white grapefruit, then pink. The white aspect has a sort of metallic sharpness, whereas the pink verges into or combines with rose.
> So I see ginger, lime and jasmine are the notes. Well, I would not have guessed that. The citrus note is super-persistant. It must be carefully engineered to last that long. It is like a simple and strong concept of citrus.

A fresh lemony start with a spicy undertone a bit later make for a pleasant, albeit not particularly inspired opening phase. Later a pleasant jasmine emerges, and a woodsy spicy drydown leads into a musky-woodsy base, like the base notes of many other contemporary perfume products. Overall definitely pleasant, very synthetic, a tad uninspired but very wearable if one does not want to wear anything exciting or interesting.

Whilst then not particularly interesting as scent, there is a nigh ozonic freshness palpable at times that is quite attractive. I get poor sillage, very limited projection and four hours of longevity on my skin. Alas it really does not take off on my skin in a way that would warrant and unequivocally positive endorsement, so it just missed out. 2.5/5.

I have to affirm of having nourished a certain dose of skepticism towards this brand in general and never i felt the urge to taste its fragrances till now. Admitted this i'm sincere to declare that this juice impressed me cause, while not being a sort of real groundbreaking, smells on my skin for sure virile, longly prickly and finally woodsy (i catch a well calibrated simil oudh note since the beginning). Some floral notes whirl in the air on the side of mysterious spices (reminding me in the background trails of great spicy feminine fragrances of the past). The starting is highly prickly, dissonant, lymphatic (grassy-floral) and a bit synthetic (in a gassy way). This first stage is yet  woody and lemony for sure while the following development turns the juice out spicy and boise' with patterns of light incense, ambergris, vetiver (it seems an aqueous vetiver or may be is just the lemony tail still smelling around) and cedarwood. This final part is more conventional, natural, light and masculine. The juice is averagely dense on the skin and appears almost sticky and oily. I appreciate the dry down.

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