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Escentric Molecules (2008)

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Escentric Molecules say: 'Escentric 02 uses an unparalleled concentration of ambroxan, in combination with vetiver and muscone, a particularly gorgeous nature-identical musk. Orris, elderflower extract and hedione add to the instant effervescence of the topnote.'

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Reviews of Escentric 02 by Escentric Molecules

There are 15 reviews of Escentric 02 by Escentric Molecules.

I tried this on by accident having been on the lookout for Molecule 02, which is just ambroxan.

I have to say I am quite surprised by the bad reviews on this one. A super fresh and long lasting scent, it is quite unique whilst the ambroxan stays right at the back acting mostly as an accompaniment. It does creep out a bit more in the dry down but without losing the freshness as such.

The lack of marketing and a proper name make this a hard scent to decide when to wear it but it is through and through a summer scent.

The hedione reminds me of original, unadulterated Eau Sauvage which was one of the first to use the molecule back in the 60s. It works really well here and blends superbly in the composition.

All in all not a half bad scent. Ultra fresh and sparkly, never overpowering and totally wearable by just about anyone. What's not to like?
Jun 20, 2019

I now test Escentric Molecules 02 - Ambroxan. (This time, I will summon up as much open-mindedness as I can; 01 - Iso E Super mostly alienated and went over my head...)

Ambroxan, the brand name for ambroxide (grey amber) chemically is C16H28O, very close to Iso E Super's C16H26O. Ambroxide is one component of the luxury substance ambergris. Intial impression is also very, very light and airy, with a formaldehyde-like note hitting me like a comet every few seconds. I do smell a bare modicum of the muscone (artificial musk) which comes across as pretty "wet" and fresh; but barely the hedione (resembles jasmine) - or at least as I usually perceive it.

Am I sniffing it too much, given that the development is so slow and subtle to my perceptions? I put more time between sniffs, and I now I get a scintilla of Iso E Super in there, as well as a tiny dab of dry vetiver. That's all I can I detect from this elusive concoction.

As before, I won't criticize nor condemn the intentions of Escentric Molecules for making 02 - Ambroxan: I simply do not grasp and therefore appreciate what is attempting to be done here. It will NOT be something that I wear on the fly like other scents in my collection; rather, it will reside among my decants as a "to be determined" liquid that I can't really pin down at this present time.

Aug 19, 2018

I will post this under every EM product, so if you've seen this before stop reading but at least one time note the following: you should buy every Molecule 0X and Escentric 0X and I will tell you why.

The reason (I have found and the usual miles may differ) is that this series is an education in fragrance. Each archetypal component molecule is examined -- start from the Escentric 0 to the X, then go to the equivalent Molecule. You will soon discern the influence of major scent famiies like Sandalwood, Vetiver, Ambroxan, and ISO E Super. You will thereafter learn these very popular notes in other compositions. Graduate-level education in fragrance. You will also learn how these major chemicals interact with your personal skin chemistry.

Do all eight for a true Rosetta Stone of the universe of fragrance, but at least a pair or two, whatever interests you.
Apr 26, 2018

Blind bought this because I love, and I mean LOVE Molecule 02... I said to myself "alright, I'll get Molecule 02 with a little extra" Oh boy was I wrong...

This is simply horrifying. Total scrubber. There goes my money down the drain... HOW can Molecule 02 be sooooo freaking amazing and Escentric 02 be soooooo damn bad ?! I wonder.
Dec 19, 2017

Oh, I don't like this at all! Wet cardboard, cold green vegetable water. bleh!
Oct 30, 2016

Very light with a woody background, very masculine and kinda "fresh" if you get a waft of it in your nose. Longevity is very good but projection is light. As others have said, the scent comes and goes.
Sep 14, 2016

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