Escale aux Marquises fragrance notes

  • Head

    • blood orange, pink pepper, cardamom, pepper, amalfi lemon, tiare flower
  • Heart

    • cinnamon, ginger, clove, nutmeg, coriander, elemi resin
  • Base

    • benzoin, vanilla

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Spicy and citrus freshness from Christian Dior! Escale aux Marquises does feel a bit more feminine that for men, but I bet it can still be worn by a number of men who can bear the slightly lady-like brightness inherent here.

Escale aux Marquises is a rush of pepper, mentholated cardamom, and pantry spices aplenty. More than a typical eau de cologne, this scent is chock full of character and exudes classiness!

I give it a thumbs up in its own right, though I may not wear it necessarily.
19th November 2018
I'm a little surprised that this fragrance has received quite a few negative reviews, seeming that I'm quite a fan. I don't usually like citrusy cologne-type fragrances, but Escale aux Marquises has surpassed my expectations.

Escale aux Marquises has a really refreshing zesty and peppery feel. It's a lot richer than Escale a Pondichery and Escale a Portofino, which were softer more citrusy fragrances. This perfume has a subtle hint of spiciness that intrigues me more than the other Cruise Collection fragrances did.

Ginger is a note that I really enjoy smelling in Summer fragrances. It gives a scent that special touch, while remaining fizzy and light at the same time. Honestly I don't get much in the way of the tiare flower, however I do get a lot of the citruses and the heavy spices.

Some are calling this masculine, yet I'll have to disagree. Despite smelling very much like a cologne, it's more feminine than masculine, especially on my skin. I also think it has a lot of character, so it's definitely something I would wear during Summer.

The sillage is not as weak as you would expect, in fact it projects rather well. The lasting power is moderate, something that wears for a relatively long time, but may need a few applications during the day.

Overall, Escale aux Marquises is a delightful fragrance, the perfect blend of citrus, pepper and spices. Fresh yet exotic, and in some ways, very sexy.
20th April 2012