Escale à Parati fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bitter orange, lemon, petitgrain
  • Heart

    • rosewood, mint, cinnamon, red berries
  • Base

    • tonka bean, woods

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This is a very good Eau de Cologne type scent with some very good citrus followed by a unique (so far) note that smells slightly herbal. Just slightly on the light side for me- but a great summer scent that I'll be wearing a lot. For the first time, I really like the bottle- most are either boring or way over the top. Very cool!
4th June 2019
Aromatic, spicy-citrus-green unisex fragrance with a touch of classic Eau de Cologne vibe mixed with bright cinnamon and fresh mint.

Escale à Parati has some nice elements that mimic Hermes' Orange Verte colognes, with a surprising rosewood hit that is quite pleasing. Very nice warm weather fragrance that, on me at least, lasted all day!
23rd October 2018

Graceful and nice from beginning to end. My favorite of the three Escales I tried. Parati has a beautiful citrusy EDC opening, added mint at its heart, and a warm sheer soft slightly woody-musky drydown. Though musk isn't listed as an ingredient, it came across at least as musky as woody on me. All parts were nice, and the drydown struck me as slightly unusual. I'm not normally beguiled by soft musk-wood drydowns, but I was here. It added interest, its shift to a non-edc drydown. It is well done, and seems effortless. Most EDCs have a kind of typical dried citrus rind note in their dry downs, or an herb, which has never entirely pleased me, but just came with the territory. It was a little rough or harsh, a far cry from their beautiful fresh citrus openings. Parati changed that game, took out the EDC dry down and put in another more pleasing, and blended it nicely together.
21st April 2015
BeautifulThis is gorgeous - as individual as Escale a Portofino. First impression is of fresh, cold citrus, with a sweet and spicy undertone. It becomes drier, sweeter and warmer, but never cloying. Such an elegant composition - love it!Pros: Smells great from start to finish.Cons:
15th October 2013
Parati might be the one at the Cruise Collection that is closest to be an unisex scent. As pleasent and elegant as the rest of the Escale's, the key notes are the petit grain and lemon as expectable, the tonka-cinnamon accord, responsible of the deepness of this composition, and the bitter orange, that provides a subtle but perceptible metallic and sour smell while compensates the sweetness of the berries. The longevity is superb, and the projection is acceptable (is not a close to skin scent).
28th October 2012