Reviews of Escada Moon Sparkle for Men by Escada

Moon Sparkle for men - Escada
First impression: this makes a good scent for a soap. Second impression: this smells like Palmolive soap. Third impression: this is NOT for men.
10th July 2019
Wow this is very strong on the initial spray. You will be noticed for sure (especially within the first hour). This is a spring / summer scent IMHO. The strong gingery and peppery open is nice and does pack a punch. The middle is calmer for sure and the base is smooth. I would say this is more of a "me" scent not for others. Enjoy!
18th May 2016

This was a blind buy for me that I do not regret.
However, I have an issue with the name.

I wore this the other day and a friend said "That smells nice-what are you wearing?".


I must say, I was a bit embarassed and I hesitated to say" Moon Sparkle".
I might as well have said "Fairy Dust" for the look I received from my friend when I said the name.
They asked again, thinking I was joking. C'mon Escada-who came up with this one?
That having been said-let's get to the frag.

Ever smell Andy Warhol for men?
(Not the Bond version but the Andy Warhol with the $ Dollar signs on the bottle).
Moon Sparkle is very similar in the drydown to Andy Warhol.
A bit sweeter and less fig but still a very fresh and green frag that is quite enjoyable.
I don't get the basting sharp top note that others refer to-thank goodness.
I find this to be casual and nice.
Just be prepared for the looks you'll get when people ask you what you are wearing.
(I've found it easier to just say "Escada").

20th July 2012
Moon Sparkle smells decent, but is utterly boring form start to finish. It just smells like every other fresh/clean/soapy fragrance. Violet and lavender stick out the most to me, but there's also citrus and spices in there for sure. There's a slight metallic smell there, but I find it to be cooling and plays into the fragrance well. Expect some cedar in the dry down, with a touch of vetiver, and most of what you have been smelling in the top and middle.

Projection was pretty poor on my skin, but longevity was decent (around 6 hours)
Not a bad fragrance at all, but a very boring one. Especially from a house like Escada.
28th March 2011
Can't smell anybody else the White Grape in it? I love this scent because of this (top-middle?) note. Am I the only one who can smell it? This makes it special for me. It's a little bit sweet and sour at the same time. Cools in the summertime with fruits and warms your senses in wintertime with the flowers and ginger + vodka :-) Lasting power unfortunately not too good ( on my skin ) but I recommend it to try!
22nd March 2011
This isn't a negative in a bad sense. This is a negative in a LAME sense. The overall fragrance is a neutral lemon pledge. This extreme level of mediocrity should really be reserved for pop music and romantic comedies. I wish I wore something else on the day I wore this.
22nd September 2010
I will say, people notice this, and Im not sure if its a good or bad thing. Smells decent. I would not think of "MoonSparkle" though. Very unique. I believe this is something you cannot solely read reviews on to purchase.I bought this 5 months ago, and have used it no more than 4 times. There is something thats 'from the moon' about this frag.
1st July 2010
great fresh scent i get bit of the cny sour patch kids love the candy in it not to sserious of a scent but a great scent for everyday use im summer...only summer ...its a great scent
28th March 2010
It's not really a bad scent, honestly, it just is extremely sharp. Also really very linear, not that that is a bad thing. Its initial spray is almost eye-wateringly sharp and citrus and pepper come out to play. To my nose (which is rather untrained still) it smells very much like a very very sharp citrus chemical cleaning product. That being said, its main good point is that it is SUPER refreshing. If you are looking for something very cheap for those very hot summer days or nights, this is probably a good scent. However, if you are not a citrus lover or want something a little more mellow or multi-dimensional, chances are you should look elsewhere.
19th March 2010
Definitely my most regrettable purchase. A day wearing this stuff is like an exercise in pain tolerance. The intensity of the sharp top note is unbelievable and lingers for at least an hour after application..... not something I'd recommend.
7th October 2009
i would use my money for something more useful than buying moon sparkle..... not a bad smell, but nothing interesting at all ......
21st June 2009
Hmm, Intense top note. really hits, but cools down after 30-45 min. Goes well with Corona this one. Only problem is that is fades away and become swet-sweet in the scent later in the day. I wouldn't use this in the summer when it get hot. This is a more of a winter scent.. An average
5th June 2009
This is not the worst scent out there. It does smell like a lot of other "Cucumbery" type scents. To me, it is missing something and I cannot quite put my finger on it. This is a decent summer scent though, but nothing spectacular.
10th April 2009
Notes:Top: Bergamot, Mandarin, Pepper, GingerMiddle: Marine Accord, Violet, Green Grape, Floral AquaticBase: Georgywood, Cedarwood, Marine Amber, Vetyver.The name might make you cringe, but Moon Sparkle for men isn't cringeworthy - its just a bit meh. This aromatic-aquatic is intended to "evoke memories of hot summer party nights filled with a sexy, magical intensity where anything is possible." Unfortunately theres not one iota of sexy, magical intensity in this slender dark-purple ombre bottle. The construction is smooth but by the numbers: a citrusy juicy mandarin-infused opening dusted with light peppers and a bit of green in the form of violet leaf. A fizzy-spicy undertone soon materializes, mainly due to ginger and an aquatic note. To its credit, Moon Sparkle showcases a smooth linkup between all these notes and the ginger and aquatic notes, while perceptible, are never garish in their output. An hour or so later, a somewhat artificial sweet-fruity note (is it the grape?) starts to dominate the fizzy-citrus construction and Moon Sparkle soon fizzes out in an ambery woody base. With its aromatic-"fizzy" ginger-aquatic tones and a generic base, Moon Sparkle men is about as unimaginative as they come. It will suffice an " I just wanna smell better than the guy next door" itch and I guess it has somewhat of an Escada collectors value (its a 2007 summer limited edition). Everyone else who have long upgraded from Old Spice and other aftershave splashes should file this under "GENERIC".Rating: 6.00/10.00
21st March 2009
This is what Moon Sparkle reminds me of - a FIZZY Fruit Cocktail Spritzer that accidentally had black pepper spilled in it. I must say, it is interesting and the pepper note throughout the middle is awesome and, dare say unique, but the synthetic marine/aquatic mess mingled with it completely kill it.I am giving it a neutral - only because of the pepper note. This could have been WAY better.
11th November 2008
Just got this today and for some reason is making me feel a little sick! Don't quite know why as yet. Very odd scent, theres a note in there thats not working well with me at the moment but I do have a dodgy tum ;o) Will have to come back to this one me thinks(July 2009) Just sprayed it again and realised its the ginger I dont like! Like a muted ginger thats found in Creed New Tababrome that makes me wretch! It does settle though and I'm liking it more now!
29th July 2008
above average,clean summer scent. above sunset which was a total waste. also if this does not float your boat try aramis bermuda tonic. it's the best warm weather scent ever!!!!!!
15th July 2008
indescribable in the way that doesn't warrant compliment nor repulsion. This does have an effervescent accord to it but not like the new Izod for Men or Boss Pure. This is a subtle fizz that you get after a long night of staring at your tonic and gin wondering when the night will end because the company you're with is boring. This scent is inoffensive, good for a relaxing evening out spring, summer early fall.
10th July 2008
I agree it is difficult to categorize this scent. While there are no particular predominate notes the blend is very pleasant. I detect vetyver, citrus and woody accords. All that said, the women in my office unanimously love it. I couldn't resist sniffing my arm throughout the day where I had applied it . The longevity is excellent.
3rd May 2008
nice...but not atractive... its good for summer nights but i cant find what i want.. search other products.. maybe u will like but its ur opinion
13th April 2008
I had high hopes for this...unfortunately it is pointless. The name is appropriate...I don't know what the moon smells like, but this does a good job of feeding the immagination. It is not sweet, not green, not spicy, not dark, not sensuous, not incensy, not anything, just very grey. I couldn't even get past the first whiff! It is already a flop in europe...
5th April 2008