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Moon Sparkle for men - Escada
First impression: this makes a good scent for a soap. Second impression: this smells like Palmolive soap. Third impression: this is NOT for men.
10th July 2019
Wow this is very strong on the initial spray. You will be noticed for sure (especially within the first hour). This is a spring / summer scent IMHO. The strong gingery and peppery open is nice and does pack a punch. The middle is calmer for sure and the base is smooth. I would say this is more of a "me" scent not for others. Enjoy!
18th May 2016

This was a blind buy for me that I do not regret.
However, I have an issue with the name.

I wore this the other day and a friend said "That smells nice-what are you wearing?".


I must say, I was a bit embarassed and I hesitated to say" Moon Sparkle".
I might as well have said "Fairy Dust" for the look I received from my friend when I said the name.
They asked again, thinking I was joking. C'mon Escada-who came up with this one?
That having been said-let's get to the frag.

Ever smell Andy Warhol for men?
(Not the Bond version but the Andy Warhol with the $ Dollar signs on the bottle).
Moon Sparkle is very similar in the drydown to Andy Warhol.
A bit sweeter and less fig but still a very fresh and green frag that is quite enjoyable.
I don't get the basting sharp top note that others refer to-thank goodness.
I find this to be casual and nice.
Just be prepared for the looks you'll get when people ask you what you are wearing.
(I've found it easier to just say "Escada").

20th July 2012
Moon Sparkle smells decent, but is utterly boring form start to finish. It just smells like every other fresh/clean/soapy fragrance. Violet and lavender stick out the most to me, but there's also citrus and spices in there for sure. There's a slight metallic smell there, but I find it to be cooling and plays into the fragrance well. Expect some cedar in the dry down, with a touch of vetiver, and most of what you have been smelling in the top and middle.

Projection was pretty poor on my skin, but longevity was decent (around 6 hours)
Not a bad fragrance at all, but a very boring one. Especially from a house like Escada.
28th March 2011
Can't smell anybody else the White Grape in it? I love this scent because of this (top-middle?) note. Am I the only one who can smell it? This makes it special for me. It's a little bit sweet and sour at the same time. Cools in the summertime with fruits and warms your senses in wintertime with the flowers and ginger + vodka :-) Lasting power unfortunately not too good ( on my skin ) but I recommend it to try!
22nd March 2011
This isn't a negative in a bad sense. This is a negative in a LAME sense. The overall fragrance is a neutral lemon pledge. This extreme level of mediocrity should really be reserved for pop music and romantic comedies. I wish I wore something else on the day I wore this.
22nd September 2010
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