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I'll be honest and say that although this is not one of the most unique fragrances that I've tried this week, it is certainly up there as one of the better fragrances I've tried.

Moon Sparkle is without a doubt a fruity fragrance. However, this scent is not your typical fruity perfume. It smells expensive, it's not too sweet or artificial and it lacks the heavy notes of citrus.

Tropical and exotic is how I picture this fragrance. It's feminine, versatile and delicious with the apple, strawberry and black currant notes being most prominent.

It reminds me of Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears in some ways, however this fragrance is much softer and dare I say, not so artificial.

Moon Sparkle would make a lovely fragrance choice for the hotter months. It has good sillage and the lasting power, although not fantastic, is better than average.

After just one whiff of this fragrance you'll feel like you're on vacation. I definitely recommend Moon Sparkle as a refreshing choice this Summer.

4th June 2011
To my nose, this is a little different from Escada's other fragrances in that the citrus note isn't nearly as prominent. Top notes remind me of pear and peach although they are not listed. Then I smell more strawberry, raspberry, and red fruits than anything else. Not very long-lasting though - only 3 to 4 hours on my skin. A decent summer fragrance if you like fruity scents that aren't overbearing.

28th March 2011

My friend and I found a sample of this under our seats at the Opera. I was excited to try it as I had seen it in department stores.Ugh!! She said "smells like Walgreens" and we ran to the bathroom to wash it off. Cheap, cheap, cheap. Some kind of fruity, sugary sweet.
24th November 2009
I feel like a total idiot for having bought this!for all the smell is pleasant enough it does not last 5 minutes and when it does fade the aura of cheap synthetic sugary horrors still hovers.Im really annoyed that I bought it though ! I thought I was wiser than that and im particularly furious to find that it smells so similar to so many others that I own and have owned.well I guess I have learned from my mistakes, I wont be fooled again ! (grrrrrr).
4th November 2009
a sweet berry on a light amber musk base.thinkin about how its goin to develop, it just remains the same ole sweet berry amber musk. not very intresting. no developement
28th August 2009
Smells of (mostly raspberry) sweets and dewberry oil. Quite nice if you are about 12 and it's your first shot at wearing perfume...otherwise way too sickly and sweet. Smells cheap, sugary, synthetic and totally overpowering.
10th June 2009
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