Escada Collection fragrance notes

  • Head

    • mandarin, cola
  • Heart

    • jasmine, tuberose
  • Base

    • sandalwood, tonka

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Addictive!A lot similar to Botrytis by Ginestet, a hidden gem, most of people did not have the chance to put the nose on this beauty, it is extremely rare nowadays. Vanillic and honeyed, plums and caramel and a sweet and soft tobacco vibe. Very special!
9th September 2013
Fruity sweet oriental. Smells like it should be Egoiste pour Femme.
18th January 2009

I consider this the finest fragrance since the "classics," and I don't really like the classics due to my skin chemistry (but I certainly acknowledge the artistry), so this is "#1" to me. I like sweet fragrances, and on a scale of a little sweet, moderately sweet, quite sweet, and too sweet, I would rate EC at moderately sweet at most. The cola is quite strong to begin with, but then it smooths out fairly soon and it's fragrance perfection for hours after that (with two or three sprays!). And if you a guy and don't mind fragrances like A*Men (which I rate as quite sweet), this is "unisex." I was fortunate to get some samples at a reasonable price because the bottles have become "collector's items" and now it's very expensive (due to being discontinued; a fragrance abomination). The mandarin and sandalwood do not come across strongly. I guess this can be described as mild, slightly sweet and floral tobacco interacting with the cola. If you consider yourself a fragrance aficionado, get yourself a sample !
27th December 2008
Not definitely wearable by men, but a great catch for any woman who likes sweet stuff. This is ultra sweet Oriental, like a Pink Sugar for grownups, perhaps..?Very sugary and "pretty", vanilla - tonka overload. Tuberose is detectible, making this quite pink in color when its mixed with those sweet notes.The smoky, bitter almondy pipe tobacco accord was much more quiet than I was expecting after reading some reviews.
14th September 2008
WOW! How did I not know about this? This is a bizarrely addictive sweet gourmand oriental that is surprisingly subtle, and not the least floral. Really, this is Vanilla Coke with a nutty tonka, and woodsy sandalwood theme...You gotta try it!
30th October 2005