Eros pour Femme fragrance notes

  • Head

    • sicilian lemon, calabrian bergamot, pomegranate
  • Heart

    • lemon flower, jasmine sambac, jasmine infusion, peony
  • Base

    • sandalwood, ambrox, musk,woods

Latest Reviews of Eros pour Femme

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I cannot believe there is not yet a positive review: I LOVE Eros Pour Femme. It's a very pleasant soft, sweet, fruity floral. Very smooth and not too sweet. No sharpness at all to the florals, very well blended. Juicy and citrusy but softly so and never heavy or bitter. Reminds me of a softer, more toned down Omnia Coral or even a little like another favorite of mine, Ralph Rocks with its light muskiness and fruitiness. I would describe it as soft, subtly sweet, fruit-juicy, slightly musky and very smooth. Overall an energizing and uplifting scent. I get a young and flirty vibe and think it would be a great spring/summer scent or a daytime scent all year round. Delightful!
27th April 2020
I expected more from this one. The top and middle notes fade way too quickly. A 4th of July sparkler lasts longer. Perhaps I had a bad, sample vial?
4th March 2017

Overall very fresh, sweet and light floral mix. Opening with light lemon and more pomegranate, sweet type. Heart notes of Jasmine sambac is more dominant. Basenotes presents a pleasant sandalwood.

All in all, it is a very feminine fragrance, but the heart notes is very generic, no creativity. It is great for starters who like jasmine with sweet fruity top notes.

Color I think of: dark purple and yellow
words I think of: chic, fun, energizing.
suitable age (objective): early 20's
24th December 2016
A fragrance of serenity, happiness and sensuality. It is nothing new and nothing special but that doesent mean it is bad at all. Versace Eros Pour Femme is a citrus floral with the right balance of softness, freshness, femininity and energy. It is non-offensive and would work well in an office environment during the day. The name and the bottle are misleading. Delightful, casual, uplifting, interesting, popular, musky, charming and feminine scent in a glamorous bottle.

Refreshing citruses (lemon) and pomegranate start this fragrance. The love game continues in the heart, built around feminine, gentle notes of jasmine, peony and lemon blossom. The fragrance closes with a warm and creamy base of musk, sandalwood and ambroxan. In fact the dry down is pretty sensual and adds some warmth and creaminess to the floral heart while the citrus remains a reminds me of wealthy woman by the pool or beach. Perfect for everyday, every occasion. Worth a try if not a buy, at least.
19th January 2016
Versace Eros Pour Elle is a musky-floral sultry new feminine concoction which is aimed to re-interpret (on a feminine level) the "masculine Versace Eros"'s tropical musky combination of freshly fruity and warmly oriental notes. Also in here I get a combination of fruity muskiness and synthetic "fat" (pungent, lemony, kind of viney-berrish, fruity, soapy) oriental type of glamour notes (ambroxan, galaxolide, citronellol, geraniol, Iso E Super etc). The intense fruity-floral twist is in here represented by lemon, pomgranate (quite standout) and deep (sultry-aquatic) peony. Sambac jasmine jumps gradually on the stage providing a chic hyper synthetic lush touch. All the rest is soapy "sweaty" muskiness under my nose. Along dry down the structure collapses and the muskiness degrades in aromachemical soapiness. Better for warm climates. Hot-sensual, it combines well its substance with the "mild" woman's sweat (in case the sweat's aroma is "gracious" and not overly acid, of course). Not a great fragrance but I get something warmly-sensual down there the "neck" of the "Eros Pour Elle's woman".
22nd August 2015