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Eros by Versace

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Eros is a men's fragrance launched in 2013 by Versace

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Reviews of Eros by Versace

There are 81 reviews of Eros by Versace.

Probably my favorite Eros-style fragrance. Ever since this release there have been dozens of 'Eros-style' fragrances. For good reason. Eros captures sweet without being cloyingly juvenile. It captures clean without being soapy. It captures a night out but stays reasonably sophisticated. It captures sexy and sultry without being promiscuous. This fragrance can be worn comfortably in almost any situation, and be apropos. Eros is a legend in its own time and has inspired so many other fragrances that come close but never quite reach the total package that Eros provides. I'm a fan, and as an older man, I'm not even its target demographic. I'll be keeping this in my collection even as I let the le Males and 1 Millions go.

The combination of mint, tonka bean, vanilla, and cedar is remarkable to my nose. It is not common to use tonka bean in the heart but this with vanilla in the base makes it very creamy. The mint and cedar do an exceptional balancing act to prevent the creamy undertones from becoming cloying. I could comfortably put this in my top 5 favorite fragrances. It is very well done.

This gets misrepresented as a juvenile/clubbing fragrance but in reality it just smells great and is up there with the best of them. The mint with apple over vanilla is a fantastic combination. The sharper mint and lemon side of this balances out the sweetness of the apple and vanilla allowing it to be both sweet and fresh at the same time

The EDT is the best version in my opinion. The EDP messes with the top notes and goes straight for the vanilla/cedar base notes, which the EDT already does well but with better top notes. The longevity and performance difference is negligible in my opinion. Great value for the money and one of the best designer fragrances out there

I actually bought this for my teenage son, having heard that it was mainly a young man's clubbing scent. However, after trying it out myself, I think it's a stellar fragrance that a mature man could wear as well. The comparisons to JPG Le Male and PR 1 Million are apt, and the vanilla tonka middle notes and drydown remind me of Rochas Man and MJ Legend. And I do get a bit of cedar in the drydown as well that helps temper the sweetness. But the creaminess and sheer richness of the overall effect takes me straight back to Obsession. One spray, it's an office scent. Two and you're set for date night. Three or more?–well, you probably don't want to go there (or you need to be 16 and blissfully oblivious). All in all, a quality fragrance and a fun ride. Just go easy on the trigger.

The opening of mint/apple plus a touch of lemon is exceptional and hangs around, eventually giving way to some vanilla in the drydown. I had no preconceptions of Eros going in and was pleasantly surprised. It does strike me as youthful and a good upgrade choice for young men looking to smell classier than drug store body sprays and fragrances. I consider it small bottle worthy and will likely consider repurchase when it's gone. It is a scent that is fresh enough for spring/summer and rich enough for fall/winter. Good for the office if not over sprayed and definitely indicated for date and club use. Thumbs up.

2 sprays and you will be transported back in time to your early teens, you know, the insecure glory days.

Hanging out at the donut shop, sporting tight trousers and applying half a can of Axe body spray with an itchy trigger finger. Good times.

0 stars.

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