Ernest, the fashionable sporting adventurer, offers a rare tribute to classic British colognes....

Ernest fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, cedar leaf, lemon, orange
  • Heart

    • lavender, geranium, jasmine, tarragon
  • Base

    • leather, sandalwood, vetiver, amber, vanilla

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Latest Reviews of Ernest

If only, if only, I hadn't seen that review by IsoESuperman. I am old enough to remember (and liked, and have bought) that Gillette line of fragrances. And yes, this observation is spot on.

Of course, Ernest is superior in every way you might expect. The aromatics are brighter, the floral more sparkly, the vanilla and sandalwood deeper and more unctuous. It's well put together and you can see the connection to the Roaring 20s. It's refined and enjoyable.

And yet... perhaps good for someone with less mileage than me? It certainly works as an evening scent for those who use the word "dapper".
29th August 2022
Gillette Cool Wave aftershave gel from the 90's (but obviously slightly nicer, more polished) with a citrus top. If you've smelled Cool Wave, you're quite familiar with what Ernest smells like.

Leather? Sandal? Vetiver? Amber??? "Hey guys, stop the line, stop the line! You forgot to bolt on the base notes again..." maybe my sample slipped through QAQC, who knows. Might be for the best though, because I'm wondering how those would mesh with a sporty/cold-ish aquatic vibe. The base, to me, seems more like lavender and white musk.

As pleasant as it is utterly derivative. Neutral.
2nd February 2017

Ernest is a very fine fragrance. Upon initial application I get a fruit accord that seems very much "of the moment" rather than an evocation of the "Roaring Twenties." Over time it becomes more and more refined. All the elements are fairly conventional, but the fragrance has a lot of nice personality, but I find it hard to pick out notes. It ends up with leather, sandalwood and a little touch of vanilla. Thank goodness the vanilla is light and subsidiary in the mix. While this is the "sportive" scent of the three first Deco London mens' fragrances, I find it, as I said, refined rather than rakish, and sophisticated more than sporty.

The makers say it is a tribute to British colognes. I don't know about that, actually, I don't get that aspect of it as yet.

What I know is that it is excellent and bottle worthy, being well made and pleasure to wear. That may make it British, being an Anglophile, I am a sucker for history and tradition. I will look for that in this fragrance. In the final analysis, Ernest will likely make you smile; it did me.
21st January 2016
Deco London has truly created a line of amazing classic perfumes with a fabulous twist. Ernest might be in the men's range, however I think it's the unexpected treasure to be worn by women also! From the compliments received I realized I wasn't the only one, because other feedback reflects this as well. The next day I combined Ernest with Millicent, sophisticated, delicate and uplifting, a very happy fragrance.
15th September 2015