Erba Pura fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Sicilian Orange, Calabrian bergamot, Sicilian Lemon
  • Heart

    • Fruits
  • Base

    • White Musk, Madagascan Vanilla, Amber

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This has been getting some hype lately online, showing up in celeb lists of fragrances they love. I have to agree with some of the online reviewers that this is somewhat of an odd choice if your goal is to receive compliments as it comes off as very fruity and feminine to some.

Starts off loud, synthetic, and abrasive. Fruity florals at the heart with an airy, scratchy hairspray smell. As with many compliment-getters, this checks many of the boxes...very effusive, sweet, fresh, something girls would also wear and it has that screechy harshness that helps it cut through a crowd of scents.

Overall, I do not like wearing this myself but it could be very nice to smell in the air or on others. It is definitely unique and could be fun as a change-of-pace fragrance every now and then.

For me, Erba Pura was loud for many hours, probably in the 6-7 hour range before it started to settle. Lasts most of the day.
2nd May 2023
This one is completely different to what I was expecting. It is a nice scent but not one I'd wear. It makes me think of the super fruity escada fragrances I wore in my early teens.
Its a super sweet fruit explosion - tropical fruit that hits you in the face. On dry down it's still sweet tropical fruit but softer, and on a base of white musk. Very nice, girly scent.
9th February 2023

As previously mentioned, this one is slightly fruity (In a good way though). After an hour or so, it turns a little darker. The projection isn't all that great, but others will smell it. Has a floral touch in there as well, which may give you a feminine vibe, but this one will be appreciated. 7.5/10
30th January 2023
A green/blue fragrance that’s sweeter and more fruity than other of the genre. I’d say it projects unisex, leaning towards the masculine side. Great performances.
15th September 2022
Very sharp but sweet citrus opening.... then leads into the fruit. Hard to detect which fruit but I do get a lot of berry kind of fruit.
So it opens up very orange... lemon... bergamot
Then goes into a bit of a darker blackcurrant and berry mix with a very tropical passion fruity bubble gum smell.
Three hors later on my skin this changes into a superb vanilla with a nice soft musk.
Awesome fragrance.

Overall scent 9.1- 10
Performance 9.5-10
Longevity 8.5- 10
24th June 2022
This one was very fruity and super sweet, with some loud white musk. A blaringly loud, synthetic, and bubblegum-like composition. I wanted a realistic, fresh fruit blend, but this wasn't it.
9th June 2022