Equipage Géranium 
Hermès (2015)

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Equipage Géranium by Hermès

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Equipage Géranium is a men's fragrance launched in 2015 by Hermès

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Reviews of Equipage Géranium by Hermès

There are 18 reviews of Equipage Géranium by Hermès.

Gosh, but I’m weary of descriptions like “classy gentleman” and “30+ only” and “clean-shaven” and related Art of Manliness hokum. Missives like these tend to feel prescriptive rather than descriptive, and thus require shaking up from time to time. Equipage Geranium would smell great on a woman, or a scruffy young man, or a house cat. It’s a lean, clean, bright and well-heeled bit of springtime optimism, but it can also work in colder months as a spicy, woody warmer. Basically, I can’t imagine a situation where this stuff wouldn’t work. Perhaps it’s not an obvious scent of seduction, but how hackneyed are most of those, anyway? Equipage Geranium is too relaxed and assured to be self-consciously sexy.

Having never smelled the original Equipage, I can’t say how this “remix” - I struggle to think of it as a flanker in the traditional sense - compares, but it certainly smells like something with its footing in another era. There’s no mistaking the expert blending and tidy, quietly luxurious sillage from a time when perfumers weren’t subject to shoestring budgets and constant pressure to appeal to every dude 18 to 35. And yet, there’s a modern buoyancy and translucent “aura” effect that is arguably Jean-Claude Ellena’s signature, along with a sense of rugged refinement that marks his best masculine work. This makes Equipage Geranium surprisingly versatile and wearable in the present day without coming off as some sort of costume.

Notes-wise, I can pick out geranium, clove, vetiver, and sandalwood, with touches of moss and leather - I think - to ground the production without weighing it down. Like many classic (or classic-inspired) perfumes, though, the blending is so good that I struggle to parse all the components and would rather just sit back and bask in the beautiful sillage, brain off, pleasure receptors on. Equipage Geranium is a bulls-eye.

I adore the original classic Equipage (I have a review there as well) and was therefore hesitant to reach for a flanker for fear of being let down. However, that is far from the truth here. Equipage Geranium is a magnificent variation on a theme, with geranium pushing it into a more aromatic and somewhat green realm. Furthermore, for those where it matters, if they find original Equipage to be a bit too stuffy and dated (suit yourself!) we see it having a sort of more modern make-over, but without any of the trite attempts often seen in modern flankers of classics. Rest assured, this has all of the soapy, spicy, woody elegance of the classic retained, with some additional flair.

The opening is a gorgeous blast of aldehydes, saddle soap, and verdant, mildly rosy geranium. What a showstopper. This soon mellows to a sheer spice heart; my nose detects clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, coriander, among others. The geranium becomes just a bit rosier as the signature Hermes leather underpinnings become more evident. Further into the dry down, the geranium subsides and smooth, supple sandalwood takes its place.

Equipage Geranium is yet another example of Hermes bringing exemplary quality and refinement to its mainstream designer offerings, leaps and bounds beyond many other designer houses. What a terrific release.

This modern and creative formulation may not be for everyone. It has a bright cheerful and slightly feminine character that makes it Unisex in my view. Probably for warmer months in four season climates. There is something quite compelling about the sweet geranium and rose smell that dries down very nicely on my skin. Layered over 2 hour old Terre d'Hermes its awesome.... I like it!

No use in the real world outside of cognoscenti discussing its relative merits and perhaps for a fresh spritz for a lady. Pleasant, fresh but only moderately so becoming increasingly powdery and hardly any base at all. Soulless.
This is not unisex it's feminine.

For my money, this and Elixir des Merveilles are the highlights of Ellena's Hermès tenure. He's more satisfying when he bringd his unique style to bear on established creations.

This is an old-meets-new creation par excellence, less a revision of Equipage than a reinterpretation that stands on its own two feet.

Arguably one of the greatest clove fragrances ever produced.

The geranium rules - strong, but not bombers rich, more of a brighter and elegant geranium. A nice start.

How does this fit in with the original Equipage? Not very well so far. The drydown adds a bright rise blossom impression, with little wood or stem characteristics. A rather discreet minty undertone is also present. All this remains bright and un-Equipage-like.

Towards the base we are finally reaching home base. A woodsy note - sandalwood mainly is forthcoming, and accompanied by a lovely leather note, which is the component most faithfully kept form the original.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

This lovely scent for warmer spring or autumn days is quite trimmed and slimmed down when compared with the beautiful original. Compared with many other contemporary flankers form various houses, this olfactory mutation captures a good part of the core of the original - mainly in the later phases of its development - whilst creating an interesting twist towards a warmer weather composition. It is much simpler and less sophisticated with less texture - an Equipage lite so to speak - but not without its merits. 3.5/5.

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