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Gucci (1998)

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This sleek, masculine, oriental, woody scent became an instant classic when it was launched in 1998. The green liquid is contained in a square glass bottle with a large black plastic lid. The bottle is embossed with the words Gucci Envy for Men in silver text.

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Reviews of Envy for Men by Gucci

There are 192 reviews of Envy for Men by Gucci.

Neutral based on today's prices.
I'm still smelling what I sprayed 12+ hours earlier, with arms at my side.
Pleasant scent, but the sweetness of the vanilla never quits.
Interesting, but linear after a couple of hours.

Save the monopoly money and buy Carven Homme vintage. Much better build quality, in my opinion, as it pumps the breaks on the vanilla.

As with all Tom Ford frags, I find it overrated and oversweetened. Much better bottles out there for the money.
Jul 22, 2020

The almighty and insurmountable reputation of Gucci Envy for Men (1998), earned from the hype given to it by YouTube and Instagram influencers (the real shakers and movers of the "frag-bro" dominated community), can hardly be parsed from the fragrance itself; and it is such that guys will actually fall in love with the stuff or the idea of wearing it because of the reputation, regardless of how it smells. Learning to like something in this manner in turn leads to a feedback loop egged on by these influencers, their sometimes sycophantic followers, and overly-eager scalpers on sites like eBay or Bonanza ready to take advantage of the frenzy. This sends prices into the stratosphere, and becomes how a "unicorn" is born; but what makes Gucci Envy for Men special is its the "unicorn of unicorns" among most millennial and late Gen-X guys, some of whom are now approaching their 40's and at the peak of their economic prowess (meaning they can afford these ludicrous prices), combined with the fact that is it part of two unofficial oeuvres; one being the pre-L'Oréal Gucci masculines (all discontinued), and the other being all Gucci/PPR-produced masculines under Tom Ford before he left to form his own house with Lauder (also all discontinued). The perfect storm of three very distinct circumstances will likely keep the zeitgeist from ever plateauing or descending on Gucci Envy for Men, unlike many discontinued vintages that inevitably lose cultural relevance and descend into both obscurity and lower price-points. Gucci Envy for Men was created by Daniela Andrier, the woman who would shape the smell of house Prada until 2020, and the start of a short-lived revival of green woody/tobacco-based masculines that rode the cusp between the 90's and 2000's. I wouldn't say this is the best example of the mini-genre it created, nor that the genre itself was very remarkable; but having the clout that the brand Gucci affords obviously didn't hurt it in the least. When Gucci Envy for Men arrived at the end of the 90's it was almost like a sequel to Gucci Nobile (1988), coming out exactly ten years later to continue the garrigue-focused theme the house began with the first Gucci pour Homme (1976), which helped the male legacy customers of the brand more than youth ones of the day.

The opening of Gucci Envy for Men is smooth and green, a little sweet, and a bit spicy from ginger. Compared to all the fresh fougères, aquatics, gourmands, and ozonics flooding the designer market at this stage, it is easy to see how Envy for Men might be perceived as mature, old-fashioned, overtly masculine, or dated. I suspect the lavender, coriander, ginger, anise, and rosewood profile really helped establish this perception of Envy from guys used to things like Liz Claiborne Curve for Men (1996) or Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein (1989); for older Gen-X guys or even Boomers still in the market for new fragrances at that time, this might have been a godsend away from all that "fresh" nonsense. The aforementioned light sweetness is caused by some mandarin orange, and adds a surprise oriental touch to the opening of Envy for Men, something which is followed up by jasmine hedione and a bit of rose before carnation - another old-timer favorite - shows up to continue the mature theme of the top. The base of Envy for Men goes somewhat into a twist on a green fougère direction with patchouli, oakmoss, tonka, tannery leather, and cedarwood forming the core, but with spices like nutmeg, cardamom, and further oriental notes like amber and sandalwood to make it richer. Envy for Men sits somewhere between Van Cleef & Arpels Tsar (1989), which has become another unicorn in recent years after discontinuation; and Versace The Dreamer (1996), a fragrance also responsible for something of a mini-genre spurt into the 2000's. I wouldn't say Envy for Men smells exactly like a mix of the two, but if you're going for a vibe and made a Venn diagram for it, Envy for Men could sit in that little elliptical part between both circles representing each fragrance. Performance is good for something made during the decade of apologetic sillage, but Gucci Envy for Men is no screamer and has an average wear time of about 8 to maybe 10 hours, making it above the norm but not a powerhouse. If you're stocked-up or wealthy enough to use Gucci Envy for Men in any practical sense, I'd say it fares best in cooler months from fall through early spring, and makes for a good office and formal fragrance all around thanks to that inherent maturity factor from the aromatics and oriental elements. I don't find anything particularly sexy about this fragrance, so most of the talk you find from owners of Envy for Men about how much of a sex bomb this is and how many times they got phone numbers wearing it might just be rose-tinted glasses, braggadocio, or a bit of both blurred from the passage of time.

The loins of Gucci Envy for Men would beget a few scents, with the most notable being Carven Homme (1999), another discontinued masculine literally made famous only after the discontinuation of Envy for Men; and thus is a scent made nauseatingly expensive by scalpers waiting for the gibbering masses stirred up by community hype to come hunting for the "second best" option in their quest for the Holy Grail. If you'd rather not get your wallet eaten by carnivorous cave bunnies you can instead try the rest of what came in the wake of Envy for Men, but the further down the line you go, the less of a resemblance there is as the style is played with more by other perfumers. Calvin Klein Contradiction for Men (1999) would go in a slightly-sweeter and more resinous direction, mostly omitting the fougère elements but staying very much green, while Aura for Men by Jacomo (2000) would be more resinous like the Calvin Klein, but doubling down on the tobacco and isobutyl quinoline leather at the cost of both fougère and oriental elements. Lastly, Eau de Cartier Concentrée (2002) and Calvin Klein Truth for Men (2002) would dispense with all the heavier elements found in the previously-named scents and focus on a more cologne-like approach with green notes afloat on woods and musks. The Cartier is the more natural of these two, while Truth for Men does something fun with fir balsams and conceptualized notes of "rain" for the open-minded, but both are pale shadows compared to the rest. Gucci Envy for Men is of phenomenal quality when compared to most modern things made by the house since they left the ownership of Gucci Group, which is why I understand the intense lamentation; but when compared objectively with other designers of similar ilk and quality that are still available for reasonable prices, my heart sinks a little at the notion of guys burning upwards of $400 for 100ml specimens of it. Had I paid anything near that and smelled this fragrance for the first time under those circumstances, I'd be extremely disappointed and would give this a thumbs down; but when removed from all that drama, Gucci Envy for Men is a pretty good little scent taken on its own. Thumbs up.
Mar 15, 2020

asolutely among top 10 best men`s perfume in the world ever.
legend 10/10
Dec 31, 2018

What can I say about this masterpiece .it s really a go to scent for me.
Very manly unique well balanced .ginger vanilla incense made a extraordinary aroma.
May 15, 2018

The best ginger vanilla base fragrance.
It's one of the masterpieces of the perfume worl not because of discontinuation but It's a balanced hi quality scent which is definitely a niche quality scent.
It's a spicy green oriental juice that at very first you can detect ginger incesnse woods and of course vanilla in it ,gives u spicy green woody smocky sweet feel .
Envy is a mature modern confrontation.
Feb 1, 2018

About a week ago, I bought a sealed full 100 ml bottle of this fragrance. It's, without a doubt, a high-quality creation by Gucci, which has a very rich and well made olfactory structure. The best attribute of Envy For Men; IMO, is the drydown; the incense and vanilla notes provide a very nice gourmand vibe, which remind me some fancy wine cakes. I also can feel the vetiver and a soft leather note.

Honestly, I think it's kind of overrated in terms of performance. Its sillage and longevity aren't as good as most people say they are. Maybe the nostalgia effect provokes an out of proportion perception about its aromatic features.

Luckily, the price I paid wasn't as steep as the pieces you find on the net. It would be considered a bargain by many collectors.

Overall score: 8.0
Aug 27, 2017

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