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    • tunisian orange flower, orange, petitgrain citronnier, neroli, amber, indonesian patchouli

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A nice sharp orange, more the pith or oil than the juice. Not your typical citrus.
17th May 2016
Entre Naranjos This rich orange blanket of warmth enters the room with a smie to announce your arrival with a warm radiance that could only come from the entire range of the orange tree. A blend of all aspects of ORANGE includes: oil from the orange fruit, Tunisian orange flower oil, neroli orange flower essence, and the distillation of wood of the orange tree (petitgrain) for a complete spectrum everything orange. This wave of orange aroma ties snuggly to warm woods base starting with petitgrain and then a blend of patchouli and amber. This combination of orange with a stabilizing deep wood warmth creates a cloak of mystery with warm assurances. The result is a darker fragrance than the bright Atelier Orange Sanguine, but it is a very attractive, masculine trending orange woods scent.Pros: True orange scent, warm wood baseCons: a little on the expensive side for an orange fragrance
15th June 2013

This is about orange for sure, but more orange peel than generic orange. A sharp ambery citrus that rises above most orange themed fragrances. The patchouli adds spice.
3rd March 2013
Yes, a delightful orange blossoms/grapefruit combo with bitter/green initial accents (sour, averagely aromatic, barely minty and sparkling) and a final touch of soapiness coming from a well appointed amber/benzoin support. The note of orange is not effectively just fruity but also floral (and barely spicy-cinnamon??) in its neroli type of rendition and it starts to fully develop in all the fullness after an initial fizzy blast. The dry down presents a faint vetiver/patchouli backbone which imprints structure and some woody/dusty accents (a bit of cardamom?) in my opinion although the orangy spark holds on to be dominant. The base is almost edible and really irresistible but also elegant, subtle and more velvety despite a spark of rootiness barely adumbrated. Shadowy and mysterious. Perfectly unisex in my opinion. One of the best orange blossoms centered fragrances around.
24th February 2013
Clear and pure orange blossom top notes that last about and hour, which is quite good for a citrus-based scent.  Then a hint of a green note is added when the top notes recede to be close to my skin. Linear on me, but convincing as a high-quality composition with limited projection - great for work! Overall longevity of about two hours.
9th February 2013
Entre Naranjos;

Naranjos. What an appropriate introduction to a Spanish line! This beautiful fragrance opens with Neroli, Orange, Petigrain. The overall effect is of the most uplifting neroli, clean and clear as crystal. The orange is there, and that wonderful slightly woody/herbal quality of petigrain. Lovers of traditional Eau De Cologne will really appreciate the opeing of this fragrance.

Then it unexpectedly develops into a very soft skin scent. I liked that actually. The Eau de Cologne opening then a twist. Ambergris they say? Well I don't know, but to me an ambery phase which retains some orange and then the slightest hint of patchouli. Delightful!

After the arresting opening, it is feather light and it wears very, very close to the skin. At first I thought that this meant that it lacked something, but I have tried it a few times now and I have completely changed my mind. You know you can't judge everything with the same yardstick. It is not a powerhouse fragrance and it is not meant to be. It is a whisper of a thing, as light as a breeze. Sometimes it is better to whisper than to shout, and I think that this is actually the very essence of this fragrance. In my view it is obvious that it has been crafted by a deft hand, with very skillful and confident restraint. It is everything that it should be. It is elegant and very discreet. It would make a beautiful addition to ones wardrobe for those times when a beautiful cologne is just the thing for that moment.

It is completely androgynous.
17th July 2012
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