Enrico Coveri pour Homme fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lavender, bergamot, clary sage
  • Heart

    • geranium, patchouli, cedar, sandal
  • Base

    • moss, amber, leather, musk, tonka bean

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Very masculine, the leather/musk/moss combination along with the sage and geranium make it to my nose smell just a tiny bit like a freshly washed and lightly sweated scrotum. Not 100% though, and not saying it's a bad thing, actually quite unique and very rarely a perfume captures the scent of a body part. So if you want to smell like a freshly showered scrotum after a light jog, this is perfect.
8th May 2022
A scintillating fougere that immediately makes me feel nostalgic upon smelling its opening, a clarion report of lavender, clary sage, and tarragon evoking misty, simpler times, simpler ways, of expression, and of living.

A green, coniferous, herbal cloud in time settles into a sumptuous accord of leather, patchouli, and musk, lingering for quite some time but never wearing out its welcome.

One of the best of the 80s aromatics.
5th March 2022

I'm a new fan of Enrico Coveri Pour Homme! It has a unique note to it that creates a clean, masculine, Italian barbershop scent; sadly, bottles are hard to find, though. My vintage mini-bottle has wowed me into ordering a full bottle! Beware: oddly, the newer made in France version smells differently going on, a little harsh, but dries down nicely to smell wonderfully like the original made in Italy.
7th December 2021
Enrico Coveri PH makes me think of 80s rock gods Def Leppard and Whitesnake. A complex yet extraordinary scent. This is a power scent for the hairy-chested men of the 80s. One of my favorite fougeres. Sophisticated and stylish, this smells green, but not pungent; cool and damp, like autumn rain in a garden or forest. A class manly hidden treasure for the young men to discover. Could be niche priced easy.

The bright, vivid opening of bergamot and lavender, tinged with tarragon, leads to an aromatic phase that persists over a few hours. It is fresh, delightfully reminiscent of high quality soap, yet retains a surprising crisp dryness. The greenery is outstanding. With the dry down comes the kitchen sink of notes. A supple smart leather note creeps in with the sandalwood, lush stylish amber and a taste of creamy vanilla/tonka bean. Patchouli, musk and sharp cedar are aided in the demise of this fragrance with a touch of biting green vetiver. A wow-moment when someone wearing this scent passes you. You think that's really someone worth keeping an eye on.
4th April 2021
I got a crush on 80s fragrance and tested Enrico Coveri with great expectations. Maybe that's why I'm so disappointed with its overall smell... I smell a subdued leather under some floral-cold accord, similar to Givenchy Xeryus VERY top otes, but never as deep, intense and refined. Xeryus (vintage) is greener and dries down to a sweet amber-woody heart/base while Coveri has an annoying sweet note that sort of plastifies the smell for some good hours until It starts to fade and dries down to a thick and dark leathery smell. A bit stuffy and too formal, It resembles me another 80s powerhouse: Borsalino (which is better).
29th December 2014
Really close to Givenchy Xeryus and Borsalino by Borsalino, Enrico Coveri Pour Homme, namely an ambery-mossy alternative to the vintage Trussardi Uomo (although the Trussardi Uomo's darkness exuded by tobacco, dry spices and incense is in Coveri missed), once was, in the past years (80's italian rampant years) a respectable leathery, mossy, ambery fragrance epitome of masculine dynamism and elusive sensuality. A starting blast of green hesperidic lavender was followed by a woody progression ending down, never without a touch of melancholic flowers, in to a somewhat leathery and ambery mossy drydown that conjures me a lot the grey final Xeryus's impenetrable virility. Good longevity for this sober soul with a touch of romantic flowers and ozone. Uncompromisingly masculine.

P.S: There are also a lot of similarities with vintage Tsar (a lot of notes in common for these two really mossy/floral scents) but while the V&A's one tends finally more towards a green/aromatic and resinous sort of woodiness (vetiver, patchouli, pine resins, cedarwood) Enrico Coveri slides in conclusion towads a vaguely leathery (smooth and secretly rubbery) accord of ambergris, tonka and oakmoss. Anyway, is Xeryus (and I'd quote Borsalino as well) the fragrance that most of all seems to share something in common with Coveri (and viceversa of course).
27th March 2010
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