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Unum (2016)

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Ennui Noir by Unum

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Ennui Noir is a shared scent launched in 2016 by Unum

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Reviews of Ennui Noir by Unum

There are 5 reviews of Ennui Noir by Unum.

perhaps it is the most mainstream scent of sorcinelli.
not that it's a defect. opens a little confusing, with lavender and something sour that then fades immediately. then it becomes smooth-creamy with a non-gourmand vanilla and not cloying but very present. an elegant fragrance without a doubt. I feel something very spicy - maybe the myrtle or the heliotrope. the vetiver is a vetiver not clean but there is. the patchouli does the rest by commanding all the notes.
excellent performance unlike other reviews. only flaw: being a rather mainstream, fashionable fragrance, for the high price you can orient yourself towards commercial perfumes ... but if you are a madman of sorcinelli like me no. 7/10 is not a boring perfume. Sorcinelli's hand is there and feels.

upgrade:I like it more and more, certainly with respect to the mainstream it is of a higher quality. known of the slight notes of tobacco and anise. really class .mainstream but in a classy way. 8/10 great fragrance.

Antichrist by Lars von Trier 2009

Finally I stumble on this supposedly (but I can't say effectively) unique piece of Unum's alchemic experiment (actually to deal with raw materials in order to appoint an original oriental-fougere -namely one of the most hardly achievable genre- is nowadays indeed always an hard, really hard, challenge). If Lavs was the classical rendition of the house's spiritual (material and conceptual) background (and Opus 1144 an homage to a neo-classic and neo-gothic alchemical resinous concept of esoteric oriental) Ennui Noir is the real Unum's jump in modern perfumery (materialistic, profane and mondane), a new metropolitan-glamour Unum's test of (semi-synthetic) modernity. Lavs is a sepulchral place of silence and cogitation while Ennui Noir is a "new-yorker clubbing night tour", a piece of ephemeral trendy contemporary olfactory sophistication. This is a charming chic-smooth fragrance, guys, something I'd define alluring (in to a modernely synthetic patinated vest, so distant from the vibrant and somewhat "indie-wild" consistency of a part of hardcore naturalistic niche). Well, I'm quite impressed with the modern-chic subtle refinement of this speculative creation. Dealing with this experimental italian niche workshop-maison (I see now) we can indeed wave spaciously from the conservative liturgic tradition (Lavs) to a glamour-chic urban new-age creation, passing through a neo-classic goth/oriental adventure..let's say for instance... a la Maria Candida Gentile (Opus 1144). Yes, I think that scents a la Dior Homme Intense, Eau Sauvage Extreme & Parfum (these two in particular), D&G The One for Men, Michael Kors for Men or Valentino Uomo (successfully hanging out along the market's milky way) could have been (each of them for several of its peculiarities, conceptually or effectively) a secret source of inspiration for "Sorcinelli and the gang", people surely merged in to sacramental but even more humanly sensitive to the power of market (as well as to luxury of fashion and the clinking of coins). Yes,...market..., this is not blasphemy, market could also mean for instance stroke of genius (as for Dior Homme Parfum or Lidge), so Unum Ennui Noir could imo seriously wave around the current market as a new classy-chic "hyper modern lounge metro-beast". This juice is actually minimal, silky, fashion, hand-made tailoring's elegance inspiring and kind of hight urban class's conjuring. Ennui Noir could aromatically seal your success in the most "trendy-posh" London's club, this is sure. Opening is wet and by soon silky by soft suede. Lavender is perfectly blended with suede, silky patchouly, fresh-exotic vetiver and something musky-vanillic-ostensibly chocolatey in order to "afford" a delicious example of velvety classy silkiness (smooth and musky-gourmandish). It seems as well to detect a cool leather-tobacco's accord a la Personal Edition Bruce Willis while dry eliotrope genially enriches the blend with its almost talky sense of starry-sugary-ambery fern-like's dust. The magnificent lavender-patchouli-woods-vanilla-spicy suede accord conjures me the similar one I've previously admired in scents a la Geo F. Trumper Sandalwood Cologne (more floral and classic but contemporary at same time). Having said that, I'm delighted by the somewhat (if not unique) special substance (approach and smell) of this modern fragrance which finally performs a touch of dry-sugary-amberish spark (really minimal) perfectly connected to semi-gourmand suede, aromatic patterns and silky woods. Yes, I see a remote reference to Caron Pour Un Homme which is anyway more focused on a classic (and frankly more starry) lavender in its languid connection to "liquid greenness", warm muskiness and soft vanilla. Ennui Noir is synthetically modern (synth is necessary for such super glamour type of scents) but the synthetic element is in here conjugated in to a symphonic blend of quality ingredients and italian "wisdom about minimalistic class and sense of balance". Dry down is so smooth (musky-resinous woodiness, "spongy" vetiver), so pleasantly rooted over a game of fresh (vetiver-lavender)-warm (vanilla- cedary cocoa) contrasts to be in tunes with the most classy-chic ambience you could dare to spend a night inside. I'm seriously thinking to purchase this delicious juice in order to preciously embellish my "go for the night out" collection of sensual perfumed weapons.

Got this upon hearing of its availability on the 'Twisted Lily' site. Got a sample first, and was blown away enough to get a bottle. This is truly an incredible offering from one of the greatest, most lauded new houses out there. The longevity and sillage is top-notch, lasting into the evening with 5 sprays in the morning (I'm a bit heavy-handed, but enjoy being aware of it on myself). Just superb! I get a ton of dusty lavender incense from start to finish...warm, inviting, meditative, brooding, an awesome, creeping monster lurking like your shadow returning to haunt! Bravo Unum! A word on the packaging: incredibly bold box and wrapping! Totally lived up to its hype with one exception: the bottle itself didn't fit within the inside of the box! It sort of floated loosely inside the incredibly modern all-black box and packaging; sort of a 'what the?'...feeling! I emailed UNUM about it, and heard back from the artistic director himself! He was incredibly nice, but I think my point was lost in Italian/English translation! Anyway, an incredible offering! Bravo!

Ennui Noir is slowly winning me over as a solid, modern oriental fougere. I've to admit I initially struggled with its almost gourmand facets but the composition is balanced by healthy doses of patchouli and vetiver that keep the overall sweetness in check. Yes, it's by all means sweet and vanillic but it also offers nice juxtapositions that prevent the wearer from smelling like a lavender cupcake.

So, a modern oriental fougere with its blast of lavender, a shaprish woody bone structure that, call me names call me whatever you want but to me shares some similarity with current Azzaro Pour Homme, and a patch / heliotrope / anisic / vanilla combo that is not so distant from L'Instant De Guerlain Pour Homme Extreme. Probably not the most innovative fragrance around but if you're into powerhouses that approach late 70s / 80s perfumery with a modern attitude, Ennui Noir is a solid candidate to become a favorite.

Powerful and extremely long lasting.

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