Endless Weekend fragrance notes

  • Head

    • raspberry lychee sorbet, mandarin, nectarine, apple, mirabelle plum
  • Heart

    • magnolia, gardenia, plum blossom, jasmine sambac
  • Base

    • vanilla, sandalwood, vanilla orchid, blue coconut water, sugared musk

Latest Reviews of Endless Weekend

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One of the rare occasions when BBW stumbled into a high sillage scent which doesn't smell of middle school girl, the Endless Weekend Eau de Parfum combines a broad, fruity top note with a well-layered floral heart and a surprisingly warm base. Like getting three scents in one, the Endless Weekend EdP has 7+ hours of wear and shifts away from the chemical-sweet top notes quickly, for a daytime to evening scent which can hold its own against a Miss Dior or Mulger's Alien, without the price tag. It is a go-to scent for me, far above the next in line (Donna Karan's Liquid Cashmere). Whenever I wear it, people ask for it's name and their surprise is palpable. I'm very disappointed by BBW's choice to shift away from the EdP and into lotion/body only for this scent, but it's worth seeking out for a more casual use.
29th December 2015