Encre Noire Sport 
Lalique (2013)

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Encre Noire Sport by Lalique

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Encre Noire Sport is a men's fragrance launched in 2013 by Lalique

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Reviews of Encre Noire Sport by Lalique

There are 43 reviews of Encre Noire Sport by Lalique.

Just as good as the original. A great vetiver wood with a flash of grapefruit. Bonus:My girlfriend loves this.

This one has the best performance out of all the three, from my experience. The Extreme version did not last at all and the original felt muted. The note breakdown indicates this as a lighter and more uplifting version than the original, but I think the light citrus notes make it pop more. So I got better sillage and projection with this one.

This felt more aquatic and the vetiver definitely contributes to that. The bergamot and grapefruit gives it a slight sparkle and prevents this from turning dark or mysterious. This is ideal for cool summers, but I think it also works in the fall and spring. This is geared towards casual events, while the original felt like it was meant for solitude. The Extreme version is more suitable for date nights, formal, or cuddling with a partner.

Unfortunately, I didn't fully jibe with the citrusy watery accord so I sold my bottle. The combination of the nutmeg and watery note made me slightly nauseous. Wish I didn't get that feeling or this would be an excellent fragrance.

Really like this. The inky note that is mentioned frequently is a great way to describe it. Personally I love the grapefruit/citrus opening. Perfect for the gym or a nice woodland walk on a fresh crisp morning. For me the drydown has nuances of L'eau Dissey pour homme, I love that too.

Encre Noire Sport is yet another masterpiece from Lalique. Although I would agree that the entire construct of this perfume is not that great, because composition wise, this is just added freshness to the Encre Noire's original composition. However, this is still an extremely well done fragrance that manages to blend grapefruit like freshness with something as damp and forest-y as vetiver in a very well rounded and coherent way. My only single gripe with this fragrance is its performance, although it lasts long, it doesn't project that much. That could also be the case because it has a lot of ISO E Super and people go noseblind to it real quick.

I will start by saying I wouldn't recommend Encre Noir Sport as your entry into the line. The reason is Sport basically takes a watered down Encre Noir and adds an amazing grapefruit note. That may sound like a knock on Encre Noir Sport but it actually is not. I love this. If you start with Encre Noir or L'Extreme and like either one this makes for a great addition. Yes you can take the amazing dark, swirling vetiver and woods of either and make it fresh and worthy of a 'Sport Label'. That grapefruit note is absolutely magic. When I'm at home I tend to drench myself in this when I wear it. It's like wearable vetiver essential oils(the entire line). Thumbs up!

If Encre Noir is a statement, this is a kind of muddled apology.

This is pure avarice over perfumery. "Someone in marketing just sent me a memo".

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