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Richer, sultrier and more powerful than ever, the fragrance’s woody intensity sheds new light on the personality of the Encre Noire man. Virile and sensuous. Refined and demanding. Singular and seductive. Between darkness and light, Encre Noire à l’Extrême redefines masculinity 

Encre Noire à l'Extrême fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, cypress, elemi
  • Heart

    • incense, vetiver, iris
  • Base

    • sandalwood, patchouli, benzoin

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I’ve Had Encre Noire in my collection for a long time and use it as a fall/winter/evening scent. With spring coming up I wanted to start using something different and after using a sample of Terre D’hermes, I decided to buy a whole bottle. Shortly afterwards I read in a review somewhere that Encre Noire Sport is quite similar to Terre D’hermes, so when I found it at a very low price I went ahead and ordered it. At the same shop I found Encre Noire A L’Extreme at the same low price (quite a bit lower than the original Encre Noire) and thought it could be a good alternative for the original in some situations.

As I mentioned, I Wear Encre Noire a lot in the winter, but I’ve recently worn it a lot less, getting used to other scents for spring time and (hopefully) warmer weather. This also has the benefit that I don’t think I’ve gone as noseblind to the notes in Encre Noire as I could have.

Today I’ve been testing Encre Noire A L’Extreme with The Original Encre Noire:

If Encre Noire Sport dials up the citrus and fresh spiciness of the original, A L’Extreme dials those notes way down, leaving only the tiniest hint of fresh spice when it dries down. Initially I thought A L’Extreme was too much, overwhelming in its dry woodiness and incense but after a minute or two the subtle notes of citrus and greens break through ever so slightly. And there it stays for hours (on me at least). I’ll have to try A L’Extreme out some more before I can say if it will replace the original in my winter rotation, but I doubt it I think they’re different enough to both have a place in the rotation, but only for a few more weeks - they’re definitely best suited for winter, in my opinion.
15th February 2023
Out of the gate, what I mainly smell is vetiver essential oil. That same thick resinous earthy smell you get from opening a bottle of quality essential oil. That is the dominant note for a good 30 minutes before the rest of the notes really can be appreciated. Incense plays in the background with the feel of a light end aromatic that has a slightly searing quality about it. After about an hour the fragrance hits its finale and settles into a patchouli sandalwood fragrance with a dominant earthy vetiver accord. Very well blended. A well mixed and controlled execution of oils that can be abrasive if left to their own merits. Especially in a product that’s not using top tier fragrance oils due to cost control. This fragrance doesn’t light any fire in me but is enjoyable enough. Would be a perfect compliment to being suited up and out for the evening, as it has a touch of class about it and wears close as it’s an eau de parfum. Anyone who loves vetiver essential oil will enjoy this fragrance, and perhaps even love it. At $30, it’s a good buy and arguably more interesting than fragrances far more expensive.
15th January 2023

Dirty English takes off the biker leather and sits down by the hearth fire. Definitely has a bit of old school church/temple about it with the dry wood and resins combo. Feels like it should be thick, tarry, and cloying but it disperses well so the notes separate enough off of skin. I don't see this getting much use in the Summertime unless I'm camping but it's performing great in Winter and has a very comfy feel about it. A welcome addition to my family.
12th January 2023
Warm dry, resinous, earthy, inviting, enveloping darkness.

There is just enough sweetness here to stop the darkness from being overwhelming, and just enough cypress and incense to make the darkness comforting.

Longevity is excellent, projection is moderate, and the flacon is very cool.

If this is too dark for you, try something similar with more citrus like Terre d'Hermès or Declaration by Cartier.

A beautiful fragrance.


11th October 2022
Vetiver, vetiver, more vetiver, earthy grass vetiver and that's it. If you like earthy powerful vetiver, this if for you. I can't get over the earthiness of this and would have love something lighter to balance this out
24th June 2022
I think this fragrance is much more interesting and wearable than the original. Compared to the original, which feels quite boring, the addition of benzoin gives this fragrance a sweetness that it previously lacked. The vetiver and incense provide more depth and some woodiness, making it even more appealing.

The scent is absolutely amazing, especially for the price point. The only reason I'm giving it a neutral rating is because of its performance. I don't know what went wrong, but it only lasted two hours on my skin. I even tried spraying it on fabric, so I could return to the room after a few hours to test its longevity, but it just didn't last. Perhaps the bottle needs to macerate or it has been reformulated. Unfortunately, I ended up giving the bottle away.

Encre Noir Sport is an aquatic vetiver, whereas this one is an incense vetiver. I don't think the original is difficult to wear, but it feels more simplistic and linear with its musky vetiver note. This one is suitable for the fall and early spring, particularly here in Canada. I personally enjoy this one the most out of the three.
11th April 2022
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