Enchanted Forest 
The Vagabond Prince (2012)

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Enchanted Forest by The Vagabond Prince

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There are 26 reviews of Enchanted Forest by The Vagabond Prince.

Such an evocative name and bottle! I wanted to try it so badly and was sure to love it - but eh. It's very nice, berries, forests and all, and there's this lovely creaminess too, but smellwise I still prefer Gucci Guilty Absolute pour femme, Etat Libre d'Oranges Eau de Protection, Lalique Amethyst and Perles de Lalique - all these scents are different but they all do the task of smelling like an enchanted forest to me better than this Enchanted Forest. Don't get me wrong, it's very nice, but I expected more.
Still thumbs up as it does smell good. I just expected for it to smell amazing.
High expectations are a curse indeed.

“The mist was very dark in here, white and wet, and the cobwebs festooning the gaunt tree trunks were weighed down with thousands of shimmering, pear-shaped crystals. But it was not cold. Only still and secret and private, a hushed world within a world…"

I was hoping for a green fragrance with a name like Enchanted Forest, instead I was met with a somewhat unfinished, unbalanced fragrance, with lots of potential. It seems like the bloat of money that went into this fragrance was put into the beautiful bottle, and advertising, giving out free samples for people to promote this, and lastly, the top notes. The top notes are great, one of the best, if not, the best juicy black currant note I have ever smelled, authentic, and juicy! After which, it sort of just falls into what basically smells like cheap potpourri, and dries down like this. It does last a good while, but without the awesome black currant note, it's just boring.

Maybe I missed something? I will update this review if I notice a major difference in my future wearings.

This is a very enchanted forest, indeed, as is has a pastry shop right in its middle! I smell first and foremost blackcurrant, not so much on the vine as in a luscious amber vanilla dessert. Around the edges of this swirls fir and cedar, oak moss and patchouli, all the time playing a supporting role to the berries and vanilla. There is a faunish musk, too, right towards the end. This is what tea in Tumnus' cave would smell like (and you cannot get any more enchanted than the forests of Narnia.....). Slightly sweeter than I generally like but done so well that I cannot help but love it. For that reason it leans slightly more feminine (beware the White Witch) to me but easily unisex nonetheless.

The opening has a nice black currant note that reminds me of the Rountree & York black currant pastilles I favored when I lived in England. There's also a slight animalic skank I pick up that must be coming from the castoreum although it's listed in the base notes it seems to begin in the top notes for me. I wanted to compare this to Olympic Orchid's Blackbird to see if it was foresty compared to Blackbird. Honestly there's no comparison between them to my nose. Blackbird has a strong blackberry note and an amazing fir needle resin note that is stunning. I don't get forest per se from Enchanted Forest, so that's a problem for me. I do get a cedar note in the dry down from EF, so there is that. I don't mind this one overall. It's well made and I think I'd get a FB if I could get a good deal on it.

First impressions is an entrance into a forbidden forest: surreal, hard to pinpoint woody notes (cedar, fir?) with a strong blast of black currant that rapidly rises. Black currant is the star here: velvety fruitiness combined with black pepper spice. Layered over is coriander seed with a soapy-lemon backdrop. There's sweetness around and it intoxicates on first smell.

As you make your way further in after the first hour, florals spring up all around you: dark flowers, rose and carnation. You can smell a danger around the corner, wine (stronger) and rum (weaker) are part of the base here trying to intoxicate the senses and make you lose your footing. Animals are hidden, there's musk but it's hard to pinpoint, enough to keep you questioning yourself and your progression.

As you make your way towards the exit, herbal-amber begins to haunt and settles itself down. Dark and light at once, a wonderful combination. This is a hell of a scent: lots of layered complexity that blends wonderfully, painting the exact scene that I imagined when I saw the name and description. It has strong staying power and moderate projection, and while a bit on the pricey side, is a very good scent for any occasion.


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