Emporio Armani Stronger With You fragrance notes

  • Head

    • cardamom, pink pepper, violet leaf
  • Heart

    • sage
  • Base

    • chestnut, vanilla

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After reading many positive reviews, I purchased a decant. Initially, I thought SWY gave off a vibe similar to something offered by Bvlgari, Encre Noire, or He Wood by Dsquared². However I ended up settling on it being an amped up Paco Rabanne Privé. It's a very warm, spicy fragrance with very good performance at a reasonable price. It's not a full bottle for me just because I already have others in this neighborhood.
23rd December 2021
No one mentions the overpowering wood aroma chemical that makes this smell like rubbing alcohol. Underneath that I can smell soft powdery notes; barbershop lavender on the masculine side but paired with fruity florals on the feminine side. It leans more to the feminine side on me, very delicate and soft and faintly pink, but over everything is that blast of sharply woody chemical that kills it all dead. Bleu Turquoise did this on me, too. I adored everything else about it, but this wood aroma chem (Screamwood, in the parlance of my sister and myself) overwhelms all and it lasts for the life of the fragrance. A total waste of time unless you are fond of screamwood/wood alcohol paired with powdery florals.
7th December 2021

The best way to describe this scent is sweet, creamy gourmand deliciousness. Girls love this fragrance. The scent feels casual, masculine, modern, spicy, sweetly aromatic, flirty, cuddly, warm, versatile and pleasant. The opening is aromatic and spicy with pink pepper and cardamom. It is blatantly synthetic, yet quite likeable. Then vanilla and tonka bean provides the creamy sweet notes and the cedar note gives off a masculine scent and leaves of a trail of soft velvet woodiness. A perfect clubbing scent that will leave a scent memory. Sillage and longevity both are moderate.
11th April 2021
The extreme sweetness and mint reminds me of Versace Eros. I didn't immediately place it but it hit me later in the drydown. Sampling the opening again, it does smell like Eros but the vanilla is warmer and not quite as strong and airy. It also feels a bit smoother than Eros, making this perhaps the slightly more refined or even "grown-up" version of Eros. Both are heavy, sweet scents that women should enjoy smelling on men and possibly themselves.

It lasts all workday and has good projection on my skin.
19th May 2020
A waste of time and resources.
21st August 2019
I sampled on my skin twice. This is sickly sweet and headache inducing. It smells ok in the surrounding air but for the wearer, this is painful to live with. I'm normally pretty open to generic sweet fragrances but this is next level chemical sweetness. If you want a similar vibe (but MUCH better quality), go with YSL L'Homme Parfum Intense. I can't even tell you the individual notes that I pick up from SWY because it's all just one big mess. With the compared YSL counterpart, I can easily pick out the apple, orange blossom, suede, and ginger notes.

A hard pass and instant scrubber for me.
22nd January 2019
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