Emporio Armani Diamonds fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Lychee, Raspberry
  • Heart

    • Freesia, Muguet, Rose
  • Base

    • Vanilla, Patchouli, Cedar, Vetiver

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As I am writing this it is a week before Christmas. I have been wearing this EDT for the last two days from a free sample vial I received.

My initial surprise came from the name. I was expecting a scent called Diamonds to, in some way, evoke the scent of the winter holidays - something sparkling and sophisticated. Imagine my surprise that what I got instead is a scent I can best describe as Jolly Rancher Watermelon candy. Sweet and fruity scents are not on my preferred list and I would never purchase this, but I am surprised to find that I rather like it. It would certainly make a lovely summer scent for those who like this type of thing. It has good longevity on me.

The opening is quite generic. It smells like walking past the fragrance counter at any department store which sells all the popular celebrity fragrances. Then the watermelon candy scent comes together. Over time the base notes of rose, vanilla and a little cedar start to emerge through the fruity sweetness and this is when I begin to like it - a little.
18th December 2017
A nice floral, mainly about muguet. It's nice, really. But it's not special at all. Longevity and sillage are very average.
24th May 2017

It is always nice to have an ARMANI product in your collection.EAD is one of those fragrances everywhere you go and Everyone you encounter enjoy the fragrance and make a positive comment that makes you smile all day.yummy,sweet,elegant,sparkling, floral,soft,cheerful,youngish and juicy.

It has a delicate sweet floral scent intertwined perfectly with a soft and sweet base notes as the the dry down is really appealing.the floral heart are modern and youthful too.this nice smells gentle yet luscious,playful yet romantic and It is not a heavy or overbearing smell.

The bottle is also beautifully design and it perfect depicts of the stylish ARMANI style.I recommend it for a sweet nice Lady(between 20/30 years old)with a beautiful dress or a Armani jean.perfect for INTIMATE occasions as well as the Everyday use.totally a nice gourmand perfume and I like this type of perfumes on a lady.
16th December 2014
Lychee, raspberry and rose. Not unpleasant initially, then synthetic and a dull sweetness. Could be worse.
21st November 2013
A male sales associate whispered to me at a department store that when he smells this he has to "adjust himself". Of course I couldn't resist trying it after that and I walked around the mall and didn't have to fight off any men or run for my "virtue".

What I did get was a sickeningly, overwhelming sweetness that smelled like Jolly Ranchers to me. It just downright stank.
9th September 2012
I like this fragrance. It is beautiful, bright and fresh.
15th February 2012
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