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Donald Trump (2015)

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Empire by Trump by Donald Trump

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Empire by Trump is a men's fragrance launched in 2015 by Donald Trump

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Reviews of Empire by Trump by Donald Trump

There are 7 reviews of Empire by Trump by Donald Trump.

Very nice fruit-spice scent! Trump's Empire scent has a dignified, rich aromatic quality that is a great accompaniment for a formal night occasion.

Empire starts out with a really fresh minty-apple accord (chai note could be discerned from a slight cardamom and / or clove spiciness nestled within). Orange blossom and jasmine add a nice unified floral lightness, with a clear tonka-amber powdery touch with very subtle, clean musk wrapping things up. Provokes imagery of a swank, bespoke hotel full of well-to-do magnates and other upper-crust folks.

Opulent, though not expensive (I got the 3 piece gift set for under USD$50, which comes with a really, really handsome shave bag). Comparisons by other reviewers to Carolina Herrera's 212 V.I.P. Men are on point, as is one other's comparing it to Armani Code Profumo. Empire stands in the class of fresh spicy aromatic colognes which exude esteem and panache, and it won't threaten your credit card limit in the process! :-D

Not bad. Sort of a mix between Armani Code Profumo and One Million Prive, has a bit of a smokiness in the background. This stuff goes on very strong and I only did one spray just as a test.

I have Empire by Trump and I absolutely LOVE it! I now place it in my Top 15!!! Try it, you'll LOVE IT!

What if 1 Million
Without the screaming fougère
Was really quite good?

Very underrated juice. Long lasting. Opens like 212 VIP, dries down like 1 Million's opening.. ya I said it. It literally smells like the amazing opening of 1 Million in its dry down phase. Maybe these are just the mid notes? Because approx. 5-6 hours after application, I get some musk and amber, which would be the 3rd tier of this fragrance that I smell.

I don't judge a fragrance by its label, I judge it by its smell. Those who don't, you're missing out on many good ones.

Prices online range from $15-30 for this fragrance, and I would say it's worth every penny.

If you're looking for something entirely unique though, you won't find it here. Maybe if you haven't smelled every designer release there is. If you're like me, and you've smelled just about everything, you'll recognize its familiarity.

Just got my bottle from ebay. First spray and it reminded me of a slightly lighter version of Eros, although a bit more powdery and less sweet. I like it a lot, and so does my wife. It's a classy scent, not for casual wear IMO, business/office would be fine, sport jacket, nice shirt, clean shave or trimmed beard. It's 100% night time fragrance because it does reflect class. Eros works best for the younger crowd, while Empire is ideal for a more mature man. I suppose women can pull off this one, but my wife disagrees, she found it way to masculine for her. But she prefers much more feminine scents, and frankly, I agree feminine perfumes smell best on her skin. One time she tried Polo and Fahrenheit, well let's just say it didn't end well.

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