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Reviews of Emperor by Parfums Vintage

There are 4 reviews of Emperor by Parfums Vintage.

Got to say I fell for the hype and got a 50ml bottle. It's the worst smelling Aventus clone I have smelled. It literally smells like scented water and it lasts five minutes on your skin before it's gone. Do you remember the intense sparkling pineapple note in Aventus, well here it smells very flat and is gone within five seconds or so. I've smelled tins of pineapple that had a better pineapple smell. Even the reformulated Armaf Club de Nuit Intense with it's smoke and flat pineapple on the back end is way better than this. Next to the Parfums Vintage Emperor the Armaf smells like a masterpiece.

The hype for this was unreal, if you sprayed one spray of the armaf CdNI into some water mixed it up. You would probably get a better smell and performance.

What a let down!........ yeah I know I blame myself.
May 20, 2021

More or less a spot on version of a smoky batch of Aventus - can hardly tell the difference! Very well blended. Emperor lasts around 16 hours...yesterday I applied it at 8 a.m. (opening: a bright pineapple blast) then at around midnight I was detecting intermittent whiffs of birch. During the day it retained a woody pineapple vibe, then in the final hours the birch note came in to play. This is the best alternative to Aventus, highly recommended!
Jan 9, 2020

A balanced interpretation of Creed's Aventus. Strong sillage and longevity, an all-day fragrance. A great all year choice at a budget price, lol.
Apr 8, 2019

Starts off as a fruity Aventus batch and stays that way for maybe 3-4 hours. Later it balances out, losing a little of the top-end sweet, fruitiness. Doesn't have the full salty-muskiness of ambergris of Aventus but it's there in the background.

Longevity is good, goes on for 10+ hours. Projection is good but nothing beastly.
Apr 8, 2019

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