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Emotionnelle  by Delrae

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Emotionnelle is a shared scent launched in 2008 by Delrae

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There are 1 reviews of Emotionnelle by Delrae.

Emotionnelle is a fresh (at the beginning at least) fruity/floral scent in the Yosh's or Grossmith's vein, with an ambery foundation and a standout melony vibe. The first blast is absolutely compelling and almost unique, a sort of almost intoxicating, bright, cool and indolic melony fist really white, wet and sweet. The aroma is intensely fruity and since soon more than vaguely creamy/honeyed. In a while a sort of spicy/exotic cool cinnamon-ylang-ylang-cloves accord starts to rise on the stage and to push up the floral bouquet (in this phase still mastered by an heady jasmine). The melon/jasmine/orange accord determines the basic vibe in this phase together with the rising connection of amber and vanilla. After a couple of hours the juice starts to darken towards a more woodsy/musky labdanum which overcasts the initial fruity/floral radiancy. Is in this phase that (in the general boise ambience) the vanillic touch recedes towards drier territories, the jasmine gets barely to subside while finally a faint violet feel softly flies over the sky. A powerful surprise for sure, may be too much intense/indolic and probably not fully sophisticated. The power of the intensely sweet and almost yummy/"carnal" natural accord overwhelms indeed the subtlety and the full chequered refinement.

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