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Emir was an amazing oriental leather, with a strange bitter note and a beautiful incense base. It was made by master parfumer Jean Carles in 1936 . It makes me think of Guerlain Sous Le Vent, which was made before, in 1933 so we can think that Carles has been influenced by Jacques Guerlain! Anyway, really worth a try.
7th April 2013
A gorgeous oriental! I am glad I bought two bottles of this.
22nd September 2010

I came across a small, unopened bottle of this at a dusty little antique store & purchased it un-sniffed. I don't think I've ever smelled anything like it. The first hit is clean & soapy with a hint of spice. The longer it's on the skin the deeper, richer notes come out. It's an oriental but with an unusual twist. Imagine smelling Opium & Ivory soap together. That touch of clean keeps it from being too dark & heavy. I just love it! So sad it's out of production.
12th December 2007