Elixirs of Nature : Bowhanti 
Body Shop (2016)

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Elixirs of Nature : Bowhanti by Body Shop

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Elixirs of Nature : Bowhanti is a women's perfume launched in 2016 by Body Shop

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Reviews of Elixirs of Nature : Bowhanti by Body Shop

There are 1 reviews of Elixirs of Nature : Bowhanti by Body Shop.

Fragrance in three words: Soft, Feminine Woods.

This has a really pleasant opening of exotic woods. It's quite difficult to explain, but it doesn't smell masculine like Cedar or musty like Guaiac Wood. It's almost crisp and leathery.

Dry down is fruity white floral notes. It reminded me slightly of the florals in Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue (1996) and a boozy apple note similar to Slow Explosions (2016) by Imaginary Authors, but nowhere near as amped up. A really well done smoky patchouli in the base.

Unfortunately longevity on this is really poor for an EdP lasting around 4 hours on my skin. Priced at £20 for 50ml (UK 2020) and smelling more expensive than the price tag, it's hard to argue that it isn't good value. If it had a better longevity it would be an absolute cracker.

Rating 7 out of 10

In-store sample on wrist

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