Elisabethan Rose fragrance notes

  • Head

    • aldehydes, geranium
  • Heart

    • camomile, violet, rose
  • Base

    • musk, amber, sandalwood

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Latest Reviews of Elisabethan Rose

It's surprising to read reviews about the sourness in this because I was actually surprised that this rose doesn't have the acidity I dislike in most roses. It's a soft but strong rose with powder and something that makes me think of my skin smell under the sun. Very good.
10th June 2019
I brazenly prized open the plastic box protecting this at Tk Maxx the other day, risking life and limb in front of one seriously pissed-off TK Maxx lady to see what exactly justified the princely sum of €69.99 when all the other perfumes were going for €40 or less, including some of the Penhaligon ones. Boy was the look on that lady's face sour.

Not as sour, however, as Elisabethan Rose.

The one good thing I can say about the rose in this is that it does not disappoint you by turning sour later on in the development, because this one goes on sour, stays sour, and ends sour. It is at least consistent.

There are not enough descriptors in the world to convey how bad I find this to be. It's soapy, fusty and very tea-rose-ish in the way that those straight-up rose scents from Yardley and The Perfumer's Workshop are. Very old-fashioned and chokingly powdery. My personal vision of hell includes being chained to the bed, sprayed dripping wet in this, and being made to watch golf for hours on end.
13th January 2016

I love a rose fragrance I like the fact that this has a fairly clean rose smell, uninterrupted by the other ingredients. My only complaint is that this fragrance does not last very long on my skin.
21st July 2015
Very feminine scent with a nice soft base note. Light and rosy smelling as you might expect. Reminds me of the small kitchen in my childhood home; I would cut my mother's tea roses and put them in a little round vase and it made the kitchen smell so good. Good scent for spring and summer, I think.
18th April 2012
This was the very first fragrance I tried from the range (apart from the lily of the valley my mother had, cliched I know) and still holds a special place. I still remember the next day as I went to put on my overcoat that lovely, subtle rosy aroma unexpectedly wafted into my nose. Nowadays however it seems that unless I do smell it without realising it smells very aldehyde-like and sharp, somewhat blocking the rose. It is very fresh and clean, not at all heavy or too heady, just a nice, light watercolour of roses, with a classic, English feel
19th November 2009
One of the top five roses IMHO - very lovely scent
11th August 2009
A light fresh rose that is a delight in the warmer months. It doesn't stay on my skin long but is a classic beauty.
21st March 2009
This is an excellent and powerful tea rose scent. Despite the 8 ingredients listed, my nose can only distinguish this one ingredient. Very feminine and a little goes a very long way. Odd that it is named Elisabethan Rose, in that the tea rose did not arrive in the UK until the late 18th century and didn't flourish there until the mid-late 19th century. The name connotes that it was a scent in existence during the reign of Elizabeth I, but could not have been. Perhaps it's named after another "Elisabeth." Wonderful in any case as soap, lotion, powder, as well as cologne.Top Notes: Aldehydes; GeraniumMiddle Notes: Camomile; Violet; RoseBase Notes: Musk; Amber; Sandalwood
21st January 2009
In many respects, the English cousin of our American Tea Rose (Perfumer's Workshop). Elegant, understated, soft and sweet. Somewhat powdery in the dry-down, just as I had expected. Never overpowering or soapy, though. A superb gift for a young lady.
9th January 2008
As a rose hater, this is one of the few which are able to please me with its delicate beauty. I agree the previous review that it has a tender and shy character but it is very long lasting also. It starts softly with a lovely sweet note of rose, very transparent and young, but remains to leave a powdery trace when the rose fades, which, somehow, cause me some slightly unpleasant feelings. I would still give it 5 stars, though.
27th February 2006
Delightful! IMO this is the fresh, white rose younger sister of velvet,dark red Fleur de la Rose by Creed. It's tender and shy where FDLR is mature and strong, however it's not really a delicate fragrance. They share a dry, full bodied presence, one demure the other almost brazen by comparison. This scent is very long lasting, as it remained overnight after an afternoon application--16 hours! It was still true. TRULY smells like a white rose plucked in the cool dawn. There are no notes accenting this rose, competing with it, or otherwise impeding it in any way. It is not powdery at all. It is not sweet. It is just a perfect, fresh, white rose.
12th December 2005