Reviews of Elie Saab Le Parfum Resort Collection 2015 by Elie Saab

A luminous floral fragrance with an incandescent freshness. It is a really safe inoffensive scent that would be pleasant to most people noses. The scent is a breeze on a warm summer day. Nothing wow&seductive about this, just a nice scent for daytime. I imagine hair in natural, beachy waves, the colour white. Crisp, clean, uplifting, summery, casual, refreshing, elegant, floral and ethereal

The freshness of mandarin orange and succulent note of fig, subtly balanced with frangipani essence and soft jasmine flower jointed by the gorgeous earthy/sweet amber and cedar brings its racy character. This mixture is so lovely, delicate and very refreshing when you wat something for everyday wear. I love the dry down.anyway if you like the scent of fig this is for you.
4th September 2015