Elie Saab Le Parfum L'Eau Couture fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, green almond, magnolia
  • Heart

    • orange blossom
  • Base

    • vanilla

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In a patient view, with the dawn of light, you see the realm of the garden seems to be covered with rotten winter leaves. The body steps forward, the feeling of longing and watching. Many people stubbornly walk through this damp brown carpet and promise the beginning of a new season. You turn, you see the dry bodies of the trees that are shaking from the cold of winter, you still step forward and you see the mass of silver flowers that shelter the naked body of the tree all over, the clothes they wear new ones.

So you go and see the snow, the water of their mouths is flowing, from the seduction of the almond blossoms, and they are flowing from the slope to the door and the wall of the city. They nail you. You look up and you are surrounded by amazing views... and now in the open view from above, you believe in the fertile clouds and you see the spring rain that is dancing, caressing and caressing. If it rains without hesitation, they will wash away the filth and filthiness from whatever it is, so that it will be fresh and cheerful and youthful. And you feel sweet like vanilla sweet and you breathe fresh air.

On all these notes,these are all poems, if you listen well. And you stand in front of the sky, when the perfume mixes with the spring scent, you think what a great and unpretentious perfumer spring is. A perfumer who makes a wonderful and new perfume every year with a seemingly repetitive subject and you feel it by inhaling it again, you have not forgotten being in love, so you are still alive!
11th January 2021
Do you remember the time when women used to complain about why only men could do certain things? Well, I wonder why only women can have the best scents? It's not fair. Period.
L'Eau Couture is a wonderful light scent for those who want to smell nice, clean, respectful, sober, classy, youthful and even religious. Why can't a man fell like being that? In 2014?
ESEC opnes very much in the fashion of Acqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile, and this opening will hunt you for a long time. Then it becomes a very soft light version of Fleur du Male, so smooth like velvet. Then it becomes a tiny bit gourmand-ish, like freshe light baked almond biscuit, not a single tiny bit burnt. All sweety and pale yellow, like something produce for a very pure ritual or to evoke such event. On my skin L'Eau Couture is like a merry-go-round, a never ending feell goosd/smell good scent. These waves come and go at their own pace just to remind me everything is alright, the world is beautiful ..." even the orchestra is beautiful." God only knows how much we need to feel like that from time to time, to cope with the other stuff.
The bottle is also a lovely piece for your collection.
Bravo, some times for Elie Saab.
26th August 2014

I definitely got the almond chords in the top note, but after that, things went downhill very quickly, where it quickly settled on my skin and gave off a pungent plastic smell. Even washing my arm in soap water didn't get rid of this awful smell. A profound disappointment, particularly considering it is a Kurkidjian creation and that his previous Le Parfum is really lovely.
4th April 2014