Eleganza Luminosa fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, lemon, orange, green leaves
  • Heart

    • lily of the valley, freesia, rose, jasmine, iris
  • Base

    • cedarwood, patchouli, sandalwood, amber, musk

Latest Reviews of Eleganza Luminosa

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While my first experience with the house was mind blowing (Fuoco Infernale), this one didn't excite me at all! it's not a bad fragrance, but it's just nice. nothing less, nothing more.

At the opening I can smell a semi fresh, semi sweet citrusy scent along with soft floral notes that smells pleasant but also pretty generic and just like ton's of fresh floral fragrances for women out there.
Yep, you heard me! I said women because this fragrance is completely feminine in my opinion.
The citruses here are not extremely fresh and tart like summery fragrances. it's a little more rough than usual summery scents which makes it a safe choice for casual use in spring days.

As time passes I'm getting more sweetness and more floral notes while there is a fruity scent, something like mango in the background that is a replacement for citruses on top and adds fresh fruity feeling to the scent.
No more changes till the end.
Projection is good and above average and longevity is around 6-7 hours on the skin.
It's a nice and pleasant fresh, fruity, floral scent but for the price tag ..... no way!
23rd April 2015
Much as I enjoy this scent, I can't help but feel that it's been done before and a similar fragrance can be found for a much lower price.

Scents such as this remind me of champagne - sparkling, light, golden yellow in colour, fruits blending with florals. Very wearable, very pretty, superbly feminine.

Projection is minimal on me and longevity isn't great at only 4 hours or so.

I often think that the benefit of having so many similar fragrances is that we can each choose the one which leans towards our particular preference, so that we may wear variations on a theme. The question then is whether you want to pay £145 for this variation or hold out for one that may only cost you £50.
11th March 2012

A well executed floral-woody-citrus. Almost perfect in its balance and progression from the citrus opening to the woody drydown via the flowery middle phase, unfortunately it's not particularly original (Chloè EDP, Flowerbomb, Narciso Rodriguez for Her...too many to mention). Ridicolously overpriced.
2nd November 2011
One of the best citrus openings I have ever experienced -- nothing fancy, just superbly blended. In fact, the first 5 minutes are totally swoon- worthy. The florals are also tremendously done -- check out that freesia/ rose mixing seamlessly with the amber and patchouli to finsih. My best find of 2011 so far. Where has this range been lurking for 3 years.
20th April 2011