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Reviews of Egypt by Eight & Bob

There are 11 reviews of Egypt by Eight & Bob.

Eight & Bob – Egypt

It has been over 20 years, since I bought a scent at a perfume counter after experiencing a department store test strip, but this occurred recently during a vacation week. It was Eight & Bob’s Egypt, a one ounce edp.

My memory tells me it was fruity and floral, plums and ylang ylang. What I bought however is nothing like that. Upon getting home and again trying it, I found it to be simply an oud bomb, a scent I despise, so my $60 purchase is going in the trash.

My spouse found the lavender far too green and harsh and the scent itself to be very loud.

The clerk obviously confused her strips and her scent names, so I was “taken,” but this does reinforce the adage I had let slip while in the moment, “Never buy a scent from a department store counter.” An expensive lesson to re-learn.

None of the notes presented on this Basenotes page are discernible by my nose, and I have to agree with Sniffers’ review. For me, it’s a scrubber.

May 13, 2021

A good beginning. Masculine to start, for me. Nothing out of the ordinary. Changes a bit after the first few minutes. It gets better. Spicy and resinous, it melds with lavender, at times almost eliminating it.

Resin-y goodness continues in the base. Touch of leather. Nothing overly stands out but, I really enjoy it nonetheless. Lasts forever.
Jul 22, 2020

This reminds me of many sweet ambery spicey designer fragrances, the difference being that all the notes feel more pronounced and smooth, for the man who wants to upgrade from spice bomb or d&g the one. The nostalgic barbershop vibe mentioned is short lived but welcome as a starting point for the sweet warming heart that dominates, it all feels as if you took the modern sweet spicey idea and went into a time machine to the 80's, tried to sell the idea to Paco Rabanne or Ralph Lauren and they took a punt. Egypt is Enjoyable in all its entirety, including presentation.
Jul 9, 2019

A sweet and spicy masculine with a classic feel.
Besides of the obvious spiciness at the beginning, it's sweet and warm. Usually the lavender brings a mentholated and cold smell, but not here; the lavender is aromatic and warm.
The base is creamy sandalwood with light traces of leather.
Sep 19, 2018

Eight & Bob Egypt is a spicy, semi-sweet, semi-fresh, masculine-leaning scent that seems to be both a nod to classic fougeres and more modern spicy/sweet men's scents alike.

The fresh opening of lavender, lemon, and moss shapes the freshness of the blend, the lavender in particular standing out, as it often does, the lavender and moss blend providing the foreground of a fougere while the rest comes together. Nutmeg and cardamom provide a spicy heart, while the base is composed of a familiar balance of leather, patchouli, and sandalwood, a relatively safe landing spot.

Somehow, the blend comes off as somewhat sweet, and I attribute this mainly to the nutmeg and sandalwood, but still, the sweetness is surprising. Nevertheless, Egypt is spicier than it is sweet. I get hints of the leather and sandalwood but not so much the patchouli in the dry down, myself, which perhaps keeps it smelling sweeter rather than dirtier on my skin, at least.

Performance is solid, much like the others I've tried from this house (original and Cap D'Antibes), and the pricing is fair enough ($175 for 100ml) given that Egypt, like the others, is versatile, and can be worn, in my opinion, year-round except perhaps on a hot summer day. Otherwise, though, Egypt is an easy winner, a fragrance that strikes me as universally flattering on men based on traditional norms but certainly wearable by women. The scent leans ever so slightly more mature than youthful, but is really balanced enough that most could find joy in wearing it, either for formal or casual situations.

High on versatility, to say the least.

Another solid entry from Eight & Bob and one I'll have to consider.

8 out of 10
Jul 23, 2018

Refreshing, clean fragrance from Eight & Bob.

The mossy-lavender-lemon [peel more than pulp] opening is REALLY pleasant! The spices in the heart - nutmeg and cardamom - appear rather quickly, within a minute of application augmenting the fabulous intro impression.

And not too long thereafter, a woodiness comes forth to surround the spicy-mossy being that defines this very classy scent (not the typical smooth-creamy sandalwood, but more of an aromatic wood bark quality). Patchouli also creeps deftly in without seeming intrusive in the least; it inserts additional spicy sprigs that are an unmistakable characteristic of Eight & Bob's Egypt. And leather adds a warm finishing touch, once again in a skillful, non-cloying manner.

I as others wouldn't think this otherwise fantastic olfactory experience to represent anything Egyptian, per se. It is simply a well-made, arguably masculine fougere scent that I consider to be one of the better of the Eight & Bob lineup. Excellent effort! :-)
Apr 28, 2018

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