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Chanel (1992)


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Reviews of Égoïste Cologne Concentrée by Chanel

There are 14 reviews of Égoïste Cologne Concentrée by Chanel.

Chanel Egoiste Cologne Concentree Review

This is easily one of the best fragrances I've ever smelled. Let me make an analogy here. Stay with me on this.

The EdT version of Egoiste, I have the 2014 formulation, is like watching one of your favorite movies on DVD. The image is less sharp and you don't see all the details. The movie is still amazing though because, after all, it's one of your favorites.

Cologne Concentree is like watching that same movie in 4K. This is beautifully crafted. Every nuance of the scent is detectable and perfectly placed. It's a spicier, richer, and more vibrant fragrance.

All that being said, Egoiste is still Egoiste. Whether that's a current formulation or an old formulation. Both smell fantastic and are worthy of your time and money.

Best Age Group- 30+
Best Season(s)- Fall/Winter
Occasions- Formal, Dates, Casual, Work
Projection- Medium
Longevity- 12 Hours
Smell- 10/10
Overall- 10/10

If you're interested in my review of the EdT version, check it out under my reviews.

YouTube Channel: theaveragecologneguy
Jul 16, 2021

Hard to find. The formula is somewhat identical to the Edt's one, anyway the ambrette seed/sandalwood-presence is in here pushed up, exuding finally out a richer, boozier, dirtier and warmer aroma, sort of really sexy and unapologetic (while the eau de toilette-formula stresses the presence of rosewood and aromatics which migrate - running through spices and dark roses - towards a finally oriental/woody base). Sillage and longevity are finally stronger. This fragrance is at same time super classy and dirty in a quite erotic musky/ambery way. Sex machine.
Jun 30, 2019

It's easy to see the attraction of this Bois Noir/Egoiste flanker in it's discontinuation. The bump of Vanilla, Sucrose,Cinnamon paired with the Rosewood Sandal melange, impresses with it's vaguely brash dosing.
It provided a Chanel Masculine to counter Mugler's Feminine Angel. It is artful, however in the end a little too....Bazooka Bubblegum, for my taste.
Jan 27, 2018

Stardate 20170925:

Good stuff. Sandalwood, spice and everything nice.
As the name suggests - more oomph than the plain ol' Egoiste.
Unfortunately, too pricey and not worth the premium over Egoiste.
Sep 25, 2017

I started my exploration of Égoïste by purchasing a bottle of its current formulation and was blown away by its gorgeous opening. Confusion came about after reading Turin's warning to "Go easy when wearing it, though: this stuff is strong." The delicious opening of sparkling, candied fruits and Christmas spices with its underlying sandalwood promise had me thrilled. The idea that one would need to "take it easy" with it had me at a loss however. The tease of sandalwood all but disappeared into a flat, "tan" base and the exquisite top notes disappeared along with it, quite rapidly.

I wore this formulation for a good part of the year, always hoping to see it deliver on its promise of a stunning ride. I set this one aside as a "lost opportunity" and reverted back to Bois des Îles as it is a finer representation of Chanel sandalwood (especially for the summer months) but found myself wanting to experience Égoïste's opening over and over again. I began wearing Bois des Îles as a "base" and topping it off with Égoïste as an "EdC refresher" until I discovered...

Égoïste Cologne Concentrée. Without even a single spray, just sniffing the cap, I knew I would end up falling in love. Thick, rich, and enveloping before it ever left bottle. Upon taking on my first actual application I'm sure I made some type of ungentlemanly grunt. Here was the realization of the promise made by Polge with Égoïste to deliver a booming, symphonic, swirling perfume that envelopes you in the richness of beyond-elegant citrus, deep spicy notes of freshly baked gingerbread, plum puddings and...sandalwood. Sandalwood that screams quality and intensity in a note that has been debilitated by lack or resources, restrictions and/or poor craftsmanship in the last decade and a half's releases to the masses (though Bois des Îles does a beautiful job recreating the effects of the wood's magical, relaxing, soothing effects without using the actual component).

I subsequently opened a bottle of Égoïste in its first-year-of-issue formulation (a bottle dated to 1990). Sweet, candied fruitiness with a brighter, more sparkling feel than the deep richness of ÉCC but anchored by what makes or breaks this composition...high quality sandalwood. Is there a significant difference between the newer bottle and the one released in 1990? Absolutely, without question: Yes. The earlier version feels "finished." It's complete. It provides the full ride from the intoxicating, bright, candied opening all the way through its intended ride...warm, "holiday spices" in the heart with flits and flickers of the top and base weaving through all the way to its soft, soothing sandalwood base.

The quality differences between pre- and post-reformulation Égoïste are as clear as day to my nose, but my true love will forever lie with Égoïste Cologne Concentrée, a mammoth work of liquid richness and elegance. It ranks near the top of my all-time favorites list and was one of my most satisfying "finds" of 2016.

Jan 10, 2017

I read enough hype about this one to pay big money on ebay, but I don't like it more than Egoiste. It's a darker, maybe slightly sweeter, less-projecting version of Egoiste, similar in performance to the parfum versions of Bois des Iles and Cuir de Russie; where I also prefer the less concentrated, greater projecting eau de toilette versions.

Nearly four years on, not much has changed in my opinion of this. It's a great fragrance, but I do not buy the argument that it's better than the original Egoiste, and definitely not better than Bois Noir.

When I've done a three-way comparison, I've felt like I liked Egoiste the most, but it was close and subject to change. More recently, I compared Bois Noir and Egoiste Concentree, and Bois Noir is easily nicer in the base. The fun, distinguishing part about Egoiste Concentree is some added grit in the opening that makes it interesting, and somehow ties it back to Antaeus just slightly.
Aug 26, 2015

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