The fragrance was reorchestrated in 1984, and Floris inform us that Edwardian Bouquet is a sumptuous blend of Bergamot, Hyancinth, and Jasmine. A hint of Galbanum blends beautifully with a heart of Orris, Jasmine, and Lily over the exquisite and earthy base of Green Moss, Amber, and Sandalwood. This fragrance exudes classical grandeur and is a truly refined reflection of 1901, the year this perfume was introduced by Floris as a celebration of a new era. The aromatic adornment of choice for the sophisticated London lady, Edwardian Bouquet is a floral eloquence indeed.

Edwardian Bouquet fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Bergamot, Hyancinth, Jasmine
  • Heart

    • Galbanum, Orris, Jasmine, Lily
  • Base

    • Green Moss, Amber, Sandalwood

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Elegant and entirely Old School in fragrance stature.
Well crafted from the original recipe.
Not for those who prefer youthful, fruit, sweet or warm.
This is all floral with an emphasis on hyacinth and loads of cool greenery.
Long lasting, especially on clothing.

Like Springtime circa 1901.

Powerful stuff..not for the faint of nose.

4th July 2021
Floris – Edwardian Bouquet (I1901/1984)

Edwardian Bouquet was introduced in 1901 and re-orchestrated in 1984. I am experiencing a bottle of the re-orchestrated edp concentration, which was discontinued in 2010.

This is a sumptuous floral chypre with intense, concentrated oils. The hyacinth, jasmine and lily provide a strong floral presence, which is supported by a very green combination of galbanum and oak moss. The orris provides a dry counterbalance and the amber/sandalwood combination a warm dry down. There is a predominant impression of caraway seed, which Is not listed, but which I also found in Floris' China Rose of 2000 release.

I do not know which audience this was originally intended for, but it strikes me that this is a definitely masculine fragrance, although a sporty feminine nature could get away with wearing this as well.

It is extremely well blended and so rich and deep it gives me the impression of pure parfum.

I was lucky enough to find this online from a seller of vintage scents and it has quickly become one of my favorites to wear for special and formal events. A real winner.

24th April 2020

A remarkably aged green / floral (mainly galbanum) chypre with a bitter character and a milky vibe throughout. Soapy / powdery drydown. Honest but not very interesting.
22nd June 2011
Amazingly good!Very refined, yet discreet, with a special "melancholy" aura.Something reminds me of Eau de Guerlain, although it's not as citrussy.Great floral chypre, and very unisex as already said.
24th September 2010
Unisex, definitely. I find Edwardian Bouquet decidedly indolic. It presents a rich and smooth indolic jasmine with a refined galbanum for an excellent floral / green accord that is backgrounded by a clean mossy note. To my nose, the jasmine and possibly the lily overwhelm the other florals in the mixture causing me to question why this scent was named “bouquet” instead of “white floral,” but that's just nomenclature. The complete accord of the opening, the white floral / galbanum heart, and the clean mossy background give off a chypre feeling to me – one that makes me luxuriate in its power and sensuality. I lose the moss in the base and get a rich but discreet woody / amber drydown that lasts for an impressive length of time. Edwardian Bouquet is another winning scent from Floris and likely will be my fourth purchase from this excellent company. I love Edwardian Bouquet's classicism and its elegant, chypre nature. …Moderate to strong sillage and lasts forever.
1st February 2010
Galbanum lovers, take note. This fragrance takes the bitter bite of galbanum and pairs it with the springlike sweetness of hyacinth--two of my favorite notes. The mossy base blends with these notes to create a forestlike accord that is like a breath of evergreen. Edwardian Bouquet is a misleading name. One would expect to smell a sweet, old-fashioned bouquet. Although it does include a number of flowers, it is in no way typical of floral perfumes. It is a classy, unusual fragrance that stands out in a crowd. And it is decidedly unisex. If I could change anything, it would be to make it less transparent. It seems to float into the air rather than allow itself to be captured on my skin. It is long-lasting, but it hovers in the space around me rather than on me, even though I long to possess it. Nevertheless, I love it. This is a must-try and my first experience with Floris, leaving me with a good impression of this perfumer.
8th April 2009
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