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Well-appointed luxury requires sanded corners, wind-swept thoughts and softened pleasures. Eden Roc sets the scene impeccably. Its pine is a serious, terpenic background gauze, its citrus a half-smiling confidence, its ylang ylang the creamy, solar-anointed leader, and its salt a revitilizing undercurrent.

The scent is a floral-outdoorsy revelation, ever-so-slightly aquatic. Precise, yet offhand, and versatile as well.
16th July 2023
I was expecting a coconut/sunshine/ salty ocean orgasm but not at all what i was expecting.does it literally smell like a beach?no.nor would i want it to.it has nothing of sunscreen/suntan lotion.it is lacking that coppertone scent which so many other summer fragrances have, but it does smell like a soft summer fragrance that you might wear to the beach.there are assuredly other fragrances like this on the market.

All i get at the start is jasmine and citrus, with maybe a tini-tiny bit of mineral. synthetic smell,a bit harsh,nothing that would make me reconsider my lukewarm attitude about this type of scent either, especially considering the price.it gets a little better in the heart when i get a slight hint of coconut,then it is right back two a sweet floral.two hours later it is still citrusy floral with some wood. disappointment from otherwise creative house.
6th January 2022