Reviews of Eden Juicy Apple | 01 by Kayali

My thoughts are very similar to the reviewer below except my main impression of the scent is that it IS something I could get at bath and body works. It doesn’t smell just of apples, it does have a bit of a perfumey quality to it. It is pleasant, but absolutely nothing to write home about. I like others from this line more than this one. But I did buy the mini because the bottle is just so darn adorable. It’s not horrible, and it will probably layer well, but I wouldn’t purchase a full size bottle of this.

EDIT TO ADD AS OF 05/26/2023: well, I have eaten my words again as I now have a full bottle. This is the juiciest smelling perfume I have ever come across, it seriously makes my mouth water. And in addition to that, it has incredible longevity, and does indeed layer VERY well with so many perfumes that I own. I’m no longer neutral on this and I’m firmly in the positive camp. But to be clear, this is not sophistication, more full-on guilty pleasure.
12th August 2022
This perfume is ok, it has notes of apple in it but it doesn’t smell like an apple you just bit into either.

It’s a pretty average fruity floral sweet fragrance that is nothing to write home about. Maybe a tad more sophisticated smelling than most bath and body works fragrance. I’m more in love with the color of the bottle than the scent itself.
11th March 2022