Eclat Sport For Men fragrance notes

    • woody notes, spicy notes, aquatic notes

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I bought this out of curiosity off eBay, for a set with deodorant costing £10.
I don't really go for body sprays like Lynx to wear casually, I prefer to wear an edt, so always look for cheap ones to wear that are pleasant.
I was not expecting much, and on first spray, I got the cheap smelling fragrance I expected.. not unpleasant, abit like an Umbro or Adidas.. that may put a few off.
However, as it dries, It smells alot better on the skin..
I don't get woody, I get a floral, soapy scent, that actually doesn't smell cheap anymore..
Reminds me abit of Laura Biagotti Roma,just abit more dense.
This might get an upgrade to my going out fragrances.
The cheap smell at the beginning may put a few off.. and I guess spraying on clothes may keep it longer, so this is definitely a skin scent, to allow it to develop.
A neutral, because this is not bad for a tenner
6th August 2020