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    • tuberose

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One of the best tuberose around and another great work from Silvana Casoli. Linear but gorgeous and compelling. Respectfully i disagree with the previous reviewer Chengfun  as i smell it smooth and balmy though floral, ultra-feminine and realistic.  The creator softened the angular traits of the flower by patterns of balsams and leather in my opinion. May be a touch of exoticism is carried in the blend by secret hints of spices and ylang-ylang. A velvety, creamy, leathery and vintage tuberose with a sort of sinister, far in the memory and shadowy appeal. It conjures at me the smell of my old aunt's decrepit apartment, i mean the smell of stuffs, velvets, dark corridors and leather inside a floral and stuffy brown dimension.
30th April 2012
This is not a smooth and creamy tuberose like Carnal Flower, instead it is quite spicy and piquant, and reminds me of Parfumerie Generale's Tubereuse Couture. I don't know the notes in this but I think I can detect ylang ylang which gives it its piquancy. Ylang ylang is also prominent in Tubereuse Couture, which would explain the similarity. In the dry down the butteriness of the tuberose comes through. It is heady and sultry, but not cloying. Quite beautiful.
31st December 2008